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Cultivating a spirit of generosity Part 6

Generosity isn’t relegated to how big your checking account has become. It isn’t what you have that makes the difference, it’s what other people don’t have, and you have an opportunity to help them.

Discover more about Ruth, and her life of strength and character Part 7

The details in the Bible are there for a reason! Learn more about the Old Testament character named Ruth.

Enjoy a fascinating discussion on God’s role in our lives Part 8

Does God dictate every step of our journey through life? Or do some things happen by chance? Let's take an in-depth look at the book of Ruth.

Gain a new perspective on your life as we study the book of Ruth Part 9

When you’re in the thick of the struggle, it’s not easy to anticipate a positive outcome. But in retrospect, often we can see where God took a seemingly bad situation, and turned it into something good.

Discover how you can make outsiders feel truly welcome Part 10

Have you known the pain and loneliness of feeling like an outsider? Perhaps you tried a new church, or social group, and didn’t feel like you fit in.

If Jesus came to your home or church, would you welcome Him? Part 11

Whether they come from a different culture, political party, or religious belief system, it’s tough loving those who are different from us!

No matter what you’ve done, Jesus welcomes you with open arms Part 12

Reflect on the life of Jesus, and how He welcomed men and women who might normally have been rejected by people of faith.

Are you paralyzed with fear, trying to measure up? Part 13

To some, God is a taskmaster, keeping track of every mistake, setting standards no one can keep. Find that through grace, God accepts us just the way we are.

Unraveling an apparent contradiction Part 14

In our culture, it’s considered politically incorrect to exclude someone based on race or religious beliefs. How could the Israelites accept Ruth into their society, a Moabite, when the law specifically stated not to intermingle with other nations?

Get a fresh perspective on the Law from the book of Ruth Part 15

At first glance, the Old Testament law appears harsh and legalistic. When we get a correct view of the Law, and the intent and purpose behind it, we see it’s infused with grace and mercy.

Explore the difficulties that arise when different cultures collide Part 16

In the Great Commission, Jesus called His followers to preach the gospel to all nations. Sounds simple, right? God’s desire is for the church to come together despite all differences.

Welcoming those who are different Part 17

Are you actively showing God’s grace to men and women who may take you outside your comfort zone? Reflecting on the history of the church and emphasizing God’s desire for us to welcome those who are different.

An important discussion on questions about our faith Part 18

We live in a culture that believes all truth is relative. Truth is in the eyes of the beholder. Let's address this fallacy, and other important questions about our faith.

Can you recall experiences that reveal the unmistakable fingerprints of God in your life? Part 19

God is at work in our lives, even when we don’t realize it! Let's uncover experiences that to some may seem like luck, or happenstance, but upon reflection, reveal the unmistakable fingerprints of God.

A closer look at the interactions Boaz had with those who worked for him Part 20

The service industry is often a thankless job. Whether you’re waiting in line at McDonald’s, or you’re calling a customer service line to report an issue, how you treat those who provide services for you reveals character.