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Let’s look at why every family needs the healing touch of the Savior Part 7

Whether it’s a troubled marriage, rebellious children, or generational sin, we may think our brokenness is unusual for a Christian family. Discover that family fractures are typical in every home! Let's look at "The Beauty of Broken."

An Unconventional Christmas Series, That Will Impact How We Live Out Each Day Of The New Year Part 9

Conclusion of a thought provoking study on Titus chapter 2. It’s an unconventional Christmas series, that has profound impact on how we live out each day.

Discover The Way God’s Grace Blesses Our Lives Every Single Day Part 8

God’s gift of grace does more than give us peace about our past, and hope for our future. It changes the way we live today. Let's take a look at Titus chapter 2 and see how God grace blesses our lives.

Remembering The Greatest Gift Of All Part 6

So much of the Christmas season is about giving and receiving gifts. When you think back over the years, perhaps there’s a particularly special gift that comes to mind. It’s part of a discussion based on Titus chapter 2.

What The Term “advent” Means For Each Of Us Part 4

Christmastime is filled with anticipation. As children, we could hardly wait to find those gifts beneath the tree. But as adults, there’s something even better to look forward to. This Christmas Eve be filled with hope.

Enjoy A Special Christmas Miniseries Based On The Book Of Titus Part 3

No matter where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, God’s gift of salvation is available to all! And that’s good news! Let's celebrate God's grace extended to us.

The Beauty Of God’s Grace And Unconditional Love Toward Mankind Part 2

Christmas is a grand symbol of God’s grace, and the beauty of the unmerited favor He extends to all of us. It’s based on a study in Titus chapter 2.

A Refreshing Look At The Glory Of Christmas From The Book Of Titus Part 1

Christmas is far more than colorful packages and bows. It’s a reminder of God’s grace toward all mankind. Let's begin a new miniseries from the book of Titus.

Jesus’ Parables From The Perspective Of Those Who Heard Him Firsthand Part 17

Another thought-provoking discussion on God’s Word. We’re stepping back into the first century, to hear Jesus’ parables from the perspective of those who heard Him firsthand, and seeing how we can relate two thousand years later!

Profound Insights Into Jesus’ Parable On The Woman With A Lost Coin Part 15

If you’ve ever lost your car keys, your cell phone, maybe even your wedding ring, you know the frantic search that ensues until you’ve found the missing object. Share thoughtful teaching about God’s character.

A Colorful Illustration Of God’s Love For His Children Part 8

Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep is a story about God’s love. You’ll hear how God hunts us down, like a shepherd chasing after one of his lost sheep.

Discover How The Parable Of The Lost Sheep Is A Story About God’s Love Part 7

Followers of God are given a mandate to seek and save the lost. But if we’re honest, too often our focus remains on our own needs, rather than those who need a Savior.

Let’s Look At Jesus’ Teaching About Those Who Are Lost Part 6

Have you ever been driving somewhere without your map or your GPS, and gotten lost? Or perhaps you thought you were going south, only to find out you were actually going north the whole time?

Unravel Jesus’ Story About The Lost Sheep And Find Practical Insight For Today Part 5

Jesus often used analogies to teach us powerful lessons about life, and how to understand people and their personalities.

Discover How Jesus Used Stories For Teaching Profound Lessons On Life Part 4

We’re drawn to a good story. An anecdote that tickles your funny bone, or a plot with a surprise twist at the end.

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