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Explore Ways To Bring Your Faith Into Everyday Living Part 39

A vibrant, authentic, faith is something we all want. But how do we get it? Sometimes it’s hard to put the words we hear on Sunday morning into action in our lives.

How The Use Of Hyperbole Brings The Bible To Life In A Whole New Way Part 42

The literary term “hyperbole” means extravagant exaggeration. The Bible uses hyperbole to help us understand God’s promises. Difficult to imagine? 

Ways To Deepen Your Relationship With God Part 22

Trust is a key ingredient in strong relationships. No friendship can survive without it! And trusting God is the beginning of the deepest kind of friendship.

How To Release A Burden. Are You Carrying Something Heavy Today? Part 24

Ever notice how trusting God comes easier at certain times of your life than others? But even during the most difficult trials, a close relationship with God can lighten the load you carry.

The Process Of Growing Strong In The Christian Life. Part 30

Becoming a Christian begins with having faith in God. But it actually represents a lifetime decision to mature into the man or woman God has called you to be. 

What It Means To Become A Believer In Christ Part 31

The decision to follow Christ shouldn’t be made lightly. It affects not only your future here on earth, but your eternal destiny, as well. Is it simply a one-time statement? Or a decision that changes your entire future? 


A Challenge For Each Of Us To Consider Our Motives In Trusting God Part 32

Faith isn’t a mere word or statement . . . it’s a life-altering decision to follow Christ. True belief in God goes deeper than words. Are you just going through the motions? Or does your trust in God go deep? 

Let’s Debunk The Myth That Being A Christian Means Perfection Is Possible Part 33

Living the Christian life doesn’t mean you’ll never make a mistake. No matter how hard the perfectionist tries . . . he or she will never hit the mark! Feeling inadequate? Missing the mark? You’re in good company. 

Learning How To Build A Deeper Confidence In God Part 43

Trusting God is paramount in developing a close relationship with Him. So how do we build a deeper confidence in God?

How God Uses True Stories To Communicate Deep Lessons On Life Part 48

A well-written story has us sitting on the edge of our seat. We connect with the main characters, are gripped by the trials they face, and sigh in relief when all ends well.


Let’s Examine What It Takes To Live A Life Of Faith Part 49

The Christian life isn’t a spectator sport . . . viewed from the grandstands. It’s an active life . . . played on the field of God’s choosing. But the game of life has a way of delivering joy in victory . . . and agony in defeat. Going through a tough situation right now?

The Christian Faith Is Based On One Central Truth Part 51

The central truth that is echoed throughout the Old and New Testaments in the Bible and the profound effect this common theme has on our faith and how we live our lives. 

An Authentic Discussion About Your Walk Of Faith Part 52

Sometimes God asks us to step out on faith in ways we would never imagine. Perhaps you’ve had to place your trust in God’s provision during a financial struggle, or you’ve sought God’s healing during a major battle with your health.


Encouragement To Those Allowing God To Paint Their Future Part 53

Sometimes having faith in God means living in uncertainty. Trusting Him when the canvas of our future is blank. Having difficulty entrusting everything to God?

Let’s Grapple With The Painful Realities Of Faith Part 55

Handing over our future to God’s capable hands is difficult. It takes a deep trust in God to release our grip on hopes and dreams.