To Boast or Not to Boast | Week 2

Is it ever okay to boast? Society says no, but surprisingly the Bible says yes. . . Discover why the Bible encourages boasting and when it is appropriate to do so

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This Week's Featured Episode

Christmas Changes Everything by Elisa Morgan

Beloved author and God Hears Her podcast host Elisa Morgan explores how God coming to earth as a human child transformed each of the biblical characters who experienced it firsthand. She reveals how the lessons of the first Christmas can change us today. We learn to say yes to God, accepting His design for our lives. We learn to rejoice, even when we don’t understand His ways. And we learn to hope expectantly, confident that He will fulfill all His promises to us. Let this Christmas change you!

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Discover the Word invites you to join Bill Crowder, Elisa Morgan, Daniel Ryan Day, Rasool Berry, Mart DeHaan, and Brian Hettinga for weekly conversations that encourage and engage your exploration and discovery of the written and living Word of God.