Dress Up!

Remember playing dress-up as a kid? You’d get in your mom’s or dad’s old clothes and role-play adulthood. Tea parties. Restaurants. House. School. Today “dressing up” has hit an all-time low. We joke that during the days of COVID, the person who wore sweat pants the most days a month was the true winner in the pandemic. The Bible is filled with mentions of clothing – both literal and figurative, beginning in Genesis with the first desire for clothing after humankind’s fall. Through the New Testament epistles especially, the metaphor of “dressing up” takes on a special significance, directing us to express our internal faith in external efforts, the way we “put on” certain items of clothing.

This Week's Resource

The Cost Of Looking Good: Our Daily Bread Devotional

We put a lot of time, energy, and money into our physical appearance. Whether it’s a gym membership, new skincare products, or a fresh haircut, the price adds up. But what is it really worth? Maybe it’s time to take our focus off of things that don’t guarantee a return on our investment and to turn toward the one thing that does. Watch this video for biblical insight on spiritual disciplines.

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