That Scripture Might Be Fulfilled | Week 2

Four times in the first two chapters of Matthew the evangelist uses the citation formula, “This happened to fulfill what had been spoken [by the Lord] through the prophet” (Matthew 1:22; 2:14, 17, 23). What is the purpose of these citations? What does Matthew mean by “fulfilled”? What we will discover is that Matthew is not in search of mere messianic “proof texts,” but rather that he engages his Scriptures with the fundamental hermeneutical conviction that Jesus Messiah brings an end to Israel’s exile and thus unlocks the promised blessing for the nations.

This Week's Resource

Free Online Course: What’s That Book About?

Perhaps you’re familiar with the Bible, but not with the overarching story this book unfolds to us from its beginning in Genesis to its conclusion in Revelation. Discover the themes that unite these 66 books into a cohesive narrative with this online course from Our Daily Bread University.

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