The Gospels as Stories

Jeannine Brown, an expert on the Gospels and a popular writer and teacher, joins the Discover the Word group to show us how reading the Gospels piecemeal, one story at a time, may miss the point the gospel writer was trying to convey. Be part of the conversation as she takes us to Matthew's gospel and shows us how to interpret the Gospels as whole stories about Jesus of Nazareth. Learn how to look at "The Gospels as Stories" with Dr. Jeannine Brown and the Discover the Word group this week.

This Week's Resource

The Gospels As Stories by Jeannine K. Brown

Popular writer and teacher Jeannine Brown shows how a narrative approach illuminates each of the Gospels, helping readers see the overarching stories.

About the Program

Discover the Word invites you to join Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day, and Brian Hettinga for weekday conversations that encourage and engage your exploration and discovery of the written and living Word of God.

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