Reading the Gospels--How to Read... Mark

Over the course of these four weeks Bill Crowder leads the group in thinking through the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), and explores some elements that could help our understanding of these important accounts as we read and study them. The more we comprehend the settings of these witnesses to the life and work of Jesus, the more accessible his story becomes to us. Join the Discover the Word group as they have this important discussion about how to read the Gospels so we understand--not misunderstand--the life of Jesus.

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This Week's Featured Book

Messiah: Immerse

Step into the story of the New Testament in a whole new way! Start an eight-week journey seeing how Jesus fulfills the longings and promises of all Scripture—without the interruption of verse or chapter numbers—with Messiah, a part of Immerse: The Reading Bible collection! 

About the Show

Discover the Word invites you to join Bill Crowder, Elisa Morgan, Daniel Ryan Day, Rasool Berry, Mart DeHaan, and Brian Hettinga for weekly conversations that encourage and engage your exploration and discovery of the written and living Word of God.