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"The Prayer Coin" Part 5

We all go through times when we struggle to pray . . . when we struggle to speak with God through our tears. Today on Discover the Word, the team will open their Bibles to continue a series on prayer called “The Prayer Coin.” Discover how we can find help in a two-sided prayer Christ prayed in His most difficult time on earth.…

Praying Under Pressure Part 4

You’ve probably heard that diamonds are created under extreme pressure. And today on Discover the Word, the team will show us that often our prayers are refined by trials. Join the team as they examine Christ’s most pressure-packed prayer and find help for our praying in life’s difficult times. Be part of the conversation about “The Prayer Coin” . . . today on Discover…

Heartfelt Cries And Unanswered Prayers Part 3

Do you ever struggle with unanswered prayers? Maybe you even wonder if God is listening to your heartfelt cries? Today on Discover the Word, we continue to explore one of Jesus’s prayers and discover that one of His requests went unanswered. Or did it? The two-sided nature of “The Prayer Coin”today on Discover the Word!

Honest And Real Prayer Part 2

What are the elements of a “good” prayer? Today on Discover the Word, the team will show us the two surprising characteristics of Jesus’s prayer in the garden of Gethsemane. We’re learning to make our conversations with God more honest and real. Be listening today to Discover the Word.

The Prayer Coin

Programs in Series 5

Most of us find prayer baffling. Sometimes even unsatisfying. At the heart of our struggle…

Praying Like Christ Part 1

Do you ever struggle with prayer? Today on Discover the Word, the team begins a brand-new series of conversations on "The Prayer Coin."  It’s a series about learning to pray like Christ, by looking at His most desperate moment of prayer. Revitalize your prayer life by being part of this series "The Prayer Coin" on Discover the Word!

Did Jesus Actually Claim To Be God? Part 5

Did Jesus actually claim to be God? It’s one of the most common questions you’ll hear from a skeptic. And today on Discover the Word, we’re concluding a weeklong study titled,“Scandals”, with a look at one of Jesus’s most audacious claims. Tune in for this encouraging discussion about the divine, scandalous grace of Jesus, today on Discover the Word!

History's Most Scandalous Dinner Party Part 4

Science tells us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And today on Discover the Word, we continue the study of one of history’s most scandalous dinner parties and the opposite forces colliding in this incident found in Luke chapter 7. Join the conversation today on Discover the Word!


Jesus Came To Save The Oppressed And The Oppressor Part 3

Who did Jesus come to save? Today on Discover the Word, the group reveals the scandal of Jesus’s mission. He didn’t just come for the broken, the outcast, and the oppressed, but He came to also save the oppressor and all those who don’t think they need a Savior. Tune in as the group continues their study of Luke chapter 7 and the scandalous breadth…

Jesus... At The Center Of A Scandal Part 2

It seems like there’s a new scandal grabbing the headlines every week. And while these hot news items usually involve someone who’s up to no good, today on Discover the Word we’ll be discussing a case in which Jesus found Himself at the center of a scandal. Tune in today right here on Discover the Word!

We All Have A Common Need For Christ Part 1

Today on Discover the Word, the team begins a brand-new series on Jesus’s desire to reach both the unclean outsider and the elite insider. Because as we’ll find, even the most opposite people have a common need for Christ. So tune in today for Discover the Word!


Programs in Series 5

Jesus continually reached out to the “worst” of His generation—while never losing sight of those…

How Deep Is The Love Of God Part 5

Did you know that in many ways, we’ve explored outer space more than we’ve explored our own oceans? It’s true! The depths are mysterious and in many ways unknown. Today on Discover the Word, the team concludes their study on the “Four-Dimensional Love of God” by discussing the infinite depths of God’s love today on Discover the Word!

How High Is The Love Of God Part 4

What did the apostle Paul mean when he prayed we would grasp the “height” of God’s love? Today on Discover the Word, we will dig into Paul’s profound description of “The 4-D Love of God” to show us how we don’t need to be afraid of heights. Be part of the conversation today on Discover the Word!

How Long Is The Love Of God Part 3

When people “take the long view,” they’re looking at the present and the future and likely taking into account the past as well. Well, today on Discover the Word, the team will discuss the apostle Paul’s description of “the length of God’s love.” Take the long view of God’s love for us . . . join the discussion about “The Four-Dimensional…

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