Discover the Word

In 1991, Haddon Robinson and Alice Mathews joined Mart DeHaan and began creating radio programs that worked through Bible passages to find direction for daily living.

In the first program with Haddon Robinson on January 7, 1991, Haddon shared some of his story with Mart DeHaan. About a month later, on February 18, Alice Mathews was first heard on the show. In that program, they talked about Pilgrim’s Progress.

“I could go on and on how you have met me in almost every crisis in my life, and there have been many. Your program is divinely orchestrated even on the days when you feel it may not. God bless you all.” —Tracy D.

Since 1991, the team has aired more than 6,000 programs, which equates to 1,500 hours of air time or 62 days’ worth of Discover the Word.


The team has had over 100 recording sessions, which translates into many hours spent around the table in discussion!

Though Haddon and Alice are retiring from the show after 23 years on Discover the Word, there will still be conversations around the table. Hosts Bill Crowder and Elisa Morgan will join Mart DeHaan and continue to explore the Word of God in a way that is relevant, purposeful, and life-changing!

Watch this video of the RBC Ministries team thanking Hadden and Alice for their 23 years of ministry on Discover the Word.

RBC Ministries is committed to bringing the life-changing wisdom of the Bible to all people. If you would like to make a donation in honor of Haddon and Alice’s 23 years of service, click here.

“Your program is the opening of our day. We have listened to the three of you so long that if we miss a program we feel as if we missed being with friends.” —Virgil D.

Meet Bill and Elisa, New Hosts of Discover the Word
Bill Crowder joined the RBC Ministries staff after more than 20 years as a pastor. As vice president of teaching content, Bill CrowderBill works closely with Mart DeHaan providing evaluation of RBC’s biblical content for various ministry efforts. Additionally, Bill spends much of his time in a Bible-conference ministry around the world, serving RBC offices and their outreach to local communities. He is a contributing writer for the Our Daily Bread devotional, has written many Bible-study booklets for RBC’s Discovery Series, and has published several books with Discovery House Publishers. Bill has also spent the last several years as the on-air teaching chaplain for RBC’s weekly national radio program Sports Spectrum. Bill and his wife, Marlene, have five adult children and several grandchildren.

“What a wonderful program. Christians are to think, and that’s what you make us do. God bless.” —Marlene S.

Elisa Morgan was named by Christianity Today as one of the top 50 women influencing today’s Elisa Morganchurch and culture and is one of today’s most sought-after authors, speakers, and leaders. She has authored over 15 books on mothering, spiritual formation, and evangelism. For 20 years, Elisa Morgan served as CEO of MOPS International.

Elisa is married to Evan (Senior Vice President of Global Ministry Efforts for RBC Ministries), and they have two adult children and one grandchild who live near them in Denver, Colorado. Contact Elisa at

“There is not enough space to write what your program means to me. I have listened to your program for years. I wake up each morning to your voices. You have been used by God in specific, targeted ways in my life.” —Brenda M.

“I wouldn’t miss a day of Discover the Word. I’m putting together a Bible ‘commentary’ of my own to leave for our children and incorporating insights that I’ve learned through the years from your program.” —Marguerite D.