Episode A Life That Points to Jesus | Week 1

John the Baptist lived a life that pointed to Jesus. From the womb to the tomb, John understood and embraced his multiple roles in the mission of God including a chosen child, a unique man, a forerunner of the Messiah, baptizer, prophet, witness, attendant, questioner, martyr and then ultimately being labeled a “great one” by Jesus Himself. What made this man so great? As we understand more about John, we can understand more about how our own lives can point others to Jesus.

Dates February 26-March 8, 2024
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and Rasool Berry
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Chapter 1

Have you ever felt that you were specifically chosen for something? Today, the Discover the Word team starts a series of conversations about a man in the Bible who was specifically chosen to fulfill not just one purpose . . . but multiple. Baptizer, prophet, witness, martyr . . . what exactly made John the Baptist so great? Come with us as we explore his life . . . and how it was lived with someone else in mind.

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Chapter 2

The Bible is full of characters that would be considered “odd” by today’s standards . . . including John the Baptist. Wearing clothes made of camel’s hair and eating locusts and honey isn’t something we do in our daily lives. Yet his uniqueness came with a purpose we all can relate to. . . pointing to the uniqueness of our perfect Savior.

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Chapter 3

What typically happens at our favorite events? Whether it’s a wedding, a concert, or a sporting event . . . usually there is some sort of activity that helps get the crowd excited for the main thing, right? Today, the Discover the Word team looks at how John the Baptist wanted to get the people stirred up for the coming Messiah . . . but didn’t use the warm feelings they would have preferred. Join us as we look deeper into John being the forerunner for Jesus.

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Chapter 4

We would all probably argue that John the Baptist’s role as a baptizer is his most recognized trait . . . so much so that we made it a part of his name! So, why is that what we choose to define him by? In today’s conversation, Elisa, Daniel, Bill, and Mart discuss the groundwork laid by John’s baptisms . . . especially when it came to preparing the way for Jesus.  

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Chapter 5

In many cases, the prophets recorded in the Old Testament were asked to share truths with people who didn’t want or weren’t ready to hear what they had to say. So, it’s not surprising that many people during John the Baptist’s time were trying to figure out if he was the prophet they all had been waiting for. Join the Discover the Word team as we explore John’s role as a great prophet . . . but certainly not the greatest one of his generation.

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