Episode A Life That Points to Jesus | Week 2

John the Baptist lived a life that pointed to Jesus. From the womb to the tomb, John understood and embraced his multiple roles in the mission of God including a chosen child, a unique man, a forerunner of the Messiah, baptizer, prophet, witness, attendant, questioner, martyr and then ultimately being labeled a “great one” by Jesus Himself. What made this man so great? As we understand more about John, we can understand more about how our own lives can point others to Jesus.

Dates February 26-March 8, 2024
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and Rasool Berry
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Chapter 6

Do actions really speak louder than words? Well in John’s case . . . God wanted him to use his words for a very specific purpose. In today’s conversation, Elisa, Daniel, Mart, and Bill continue their journey through the life and roles of the man whom Jesus labeled as “great one.” See how John the Baptist filled the role of a witness . . . one that you might even relate to . . . as we begin week two of our study “A Life That Points to Jesus.”

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Chapter 7

When you think of weddings, what supporting roles come to mind? Whether it’s the best man, bridesmaid, or even the flower girls . . . usually the role comes with some responsibility, right? Well, today on Discover the Word the team explores the supporting role John the Baptist played in life . . . a role that came with a lot of responsibility.

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Chapter 8

Do you have questions that unsettle you, but you hesitate to voice them? Don’t worry . . . you’re not alone. Even John the Baptist had questions he was hesitant to ask! Join us as we look at some of the questions John the Baptist had . . . questions that revealed what was going on inside his head and heart.

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Chapter 9

Not only does John the Baptist live a memorable life, but unfortunately his death was memorable, too. In today’s Discover the Word conversation, Elisa, Bill, Mart, and Daniel discuss the final role as a martyr that John’s life came to fulfill.

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Chapter 10

From the very beginning, God set John the Baptist apart for something great. But as we see throughout his many roles, the focus was never truly on him. And in today’s conversation . . . we finally get to see why it wasn’t! Come along with the Discover the Word team as they put the final pieces together and see what John’s “greatness” was really all about. John the Baptist—“A Life That Points to Jesus.

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