Series A Marriage Made in Eden

In a culture that stresses “Look out for number one” and “I deserve…” is it any wonder that couples have a hard time making their marriages work? In this series of discussions, Discover the Word group members Haddon Robinson and Alice Mathews are joined by Alice’s co-author for the book A Marriage Made in Eden, Gay Hubbard. Instead of just giving “how-to” advice, they look at some of the more foundational questions that come out of the Bible’s blueprint for marriage. The blueprint is pretty straight forward: leaving the parents, clinging to each other, and becoming one flesh. Learn what it looks like to put this Biblical model into every-day practice.

Dates July 28 - August 15, 2008
# of Programs 15
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Gay Hubbard
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Part 1 - 07/28/08

What Qualifies A Marriage As Being Christian?

Part 2 - 07/29/08

Find Out What God Has In Store For Your Marriage

Part 3 - 07/30/08

Discover The Truth About Marriage That Today’s Culture Doesn’t Necessarily Affirm!

Part 4 - 07/31/08

Discover God’s Blueprint For Marriage

Part 5 - 08/01/08

Discover The Recipe For A Strong Christian Marriage

Part 6 - 08/04/08

Key Ingredients To Help Make Your Marriage A Success!

Part 7 - 08/05/08

Practical Tips For Making Your Marriage Rich And Deep Through Kindness

Part 8 - 08/06/08

Discover The First Building Block Needed For A Successful Marriage

Part 9 - 08/07/08

The First Step Toward Improving Your Marriage Relationship

Part 10 - 08/08/08

Find Out What It Means To “cleave” To Your Husband Or Wife

Part 11 - 08/11/08

What The Bible Says About Becoming “one Flesh”

Part 12 - 08/12/08

Discover The Meaning Of The Biblical Mandate To Become “one Flesh”

Part 13 - 08/13/08

The Critical And Sensitive Issue Of Becoming “one Flesh”

Part 14 - 08/14/08

How To Apply The One-flesh Principle To Your Marriage

Part 15 - 08/15/08

Discover Help For Your Marriage Whether You’re Young Or Old

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