Series A Song of God’s Fairness

One of the most pain-filled psalms in the Bible, Asaph’s struggling song is one that wrestles with a world of injustice. As he questions the apparent inequities and injustices of a broken world, we resonate with his words. But, we also find where he discovers peace and comfort for those living in such a world as that.

Dates June 29 - July 3, 2015
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder
Text Psalm 73
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Part 1 - 06/29/15

Why is life so unfair?

If life were fair, good people would always be rewarded and bad people would always be punished. But life rarely ends up that way. Join us today as we take a tour of Psalm 73, which provides a biblical perspective on the unfairness of life.

Part 2 - 06/30/15

A praise song about bitterness

Typically, we think worship music should express our love, joy, or gratitude to God. That’s why the lyrics of Psalm 73 can be a bit shocking. Join us on Discover the Word today for an eye-opening conversation.

Part 3 - 07/01/15

A biblical perspective on the unfairness of life

When good people get cancer and when bad people get promotions, we may feel tempted to say, “God, what is going on?” Today we take a look at Psalm 73, which asks the question, “Why is life so unfair at times?” Discover the answer with us!

Part 4 - 7/02/15

What do we actually deserve?

Many people believe that because they do good things, they deserve good things to happen to them. But is that really true? Today on Discover the Word, we’ll look at the difference between what we truly deserve and what we actually receive.

Part 5 - 07/03/15

Putting unfairness into a proper perspective

When you listen to the news or read about world events, do you ever get angry at how unfair life can be? Don’t miss the discussion today as we conclude our series on Psalm 73.

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