Episode Amazing Moments in Luke

For most Christ-followers arguably the most familiar use of the word amazing is in the hymn “Amazing Grace.” And rightly so. God’s grace is truly amazing. But recently the Discover the Word group had a series of conversations about how amazing Jesus himself was to the people who encountered him in the first century. We saw nine times in Mark’s gospel when people were described as “amazed” at something Jesus said or did. This week, we want to move that conversation forward, by seeing five times in Luke when a similar thing occurs—people are amazed at Jesus.

Dates April 1-5, 2024
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and Rasool Berry
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Chapter 1

Usually when we think of the word “amazing,” it is quickly followed by the iconic hymn we’ve come to know and love. But when was the last time you stopped to think about just how amazing Jesus is? On this episode of Discover the Word, Bill Crowder, Elisa Morgan, Daniel Ryan Day, and Rasool Berry invite us to journey through peoples’ personal encounters with Jesus that are recorded in the book of Luke from a perspective we rarely consider. And what better place to start than Jesus’ first visit to the Temple!

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Chapter 2

Who would you say are the people who know you best? Family, friends, coworkers . . . maybe even the neighbors who had a front-row seat watching you grow up. Well, in this episode of Discover the Word, we’ll stop in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth and meet those who thought they knew everything about this man who grew up down the street. And while things started on a high note, the amazed reactions took an unexpected turn.

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Chapter 3

Typically, when we know a big storm is coming, we go in preparation and safety mood . . . partly because we know there’s nothing we can do to control the storm itself. Just imagine how the disciples felt watching the wind and raging waters roll in . . . and then suddenly stop at Jesus’ command! In this chapter, we look at how Jesus’ calming of a storm set the groundwork for an amazing claim made shortly after.

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Chapter 4

We tend to believe things more if a lot of people experience the same thing. But other times, we just need the testimony from a few key witnesses. Well, in this conversation, we have a little bit of both! Sit down with the Discover the Word team as they explore an amazing moment a crowd saw which was followed by an even more amazing event only a few experienced.

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Chapter 5

All of us have at some point questioned if our prayers really made a difference. And that’s what Bill Crowder, Rasool Berry, Daniel Ryan Day, and Elisa Morgan will be talking about in this episode of Discover the Word. Join the conversation as we look at one final “Amazing Moment in Luke,” and while this story may be an ending in one sense . . . it’s also the start of another journey that we are invited to walk.

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