Series The Grace of God Has Appeared

In this series of conversations for Christmas, the Discover the Word group turns to an unusual passage in a letter penned by the New Testament writer, the Apostle Paul. Join Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart Dehaan as they look at Titus 2 and discover the real reason for celebrating Christmas. During the Advent season, Christians not only celebrate the day that Jesus was born, but we also Look forward to the day when He will come again. Learn how "the Grace of God that has appeared" can make a difference in the way we live our lives every day of the year.

Dates December 21-31, 2009
# of Programs 9
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 12/21/09

A Refreshing Look At The Glory Of Christmas From The Book Of Titus

Part 2 - 12/22/09

The Beauty Of God’s Grace And Unconditional Love Toward Mankind

Part 3 - 12/23/09

Enjoy A Special Christmas Miniseries Based On The Book Of Titus

Part 4 - 12/24/09

What The Term “advent” Means For Each Of Us

Part 5 - 12/25/09

A Refreshing Perspective On Joy

Part 6 - 12/28/09

Remembering The Greatest Gift Of All

Part 7 - 12/29/09

What Offering Can We Give Back To God?

Part 8 - 12/30/09

Discover The Way God’s Grace Blesses Our Lives Every Single Day

Part 9 - 12/31/09

An Unconventional Christmas Series, That Will Impact How We Live Out Each Day Of The New Year

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