Series By Faith… Abraham—Part 1

Chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews is sometimes called God's honor roll of faith, and of all the people mentioned in this chapter, Abraham is given the most space. But even though Abraham put aside his insecurities and stepped out in faith to follow God into the unknown, he wasn’t without his doubts and questions. Faith certainly didn’t come easy for Abraham, and it doesn’t come easy for us. Join the Discover the Word group of Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they look at some ways Abraham’s life parallels our own. Discover how to make decisions in the “Abraham like” situations of life and learn the radical difference that faith in God makes in the way we live our lives.

Dates March 20 - June 6, 2006
# of Programs 56
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 03/20/06

A Look At The Life Of Abraham

Part 2 - 03/21/06

Follow God’s Leading And Find His Security Along The Way

Part 3 - 03/22/06

Have A Little Faith In A Big God Makes All The Difference

Part 4 - 03/23/06

What We Can Learn From The Life Of Abraham

Part 5 - 03/24/06

The Life Of Faith And What Is Uncovered During Times Of Testing

Part 6 - 03/27/06

Abraham And His Faith

Part 7 - 03/28/06

The Parallels In Our Relationship With Others And With God

Part 8 - 03/29/06

An Inside Look At Working Through Your Faith

Part 9 - 03/30/06

An Interesting Dialogue On The Basis Of Your Faith

Part 10 - 03/31/06

Mart De Haan Shares His Personal Story Of Faith

Part 11 - 04/03/06

Unlocking The Mystery Of The Trinity

Part 12 - 04/04/06

A Practical Look At Hardship

Part 13 - 04/05/06

Profound Guidance On Perservering Through Trials

Part 14 - 04/06/06

The Truth About God’s Provision

Part 15 - 04/07/06

Our Success In Life Is Not Based On What We Do. It Is Dependent On God.

Part 16 - 04/10/06

An Honest Look At Family Life

Part 17 - 04/11/06

Uncovering The True God Of Grace

Part 18 - 04/12/06

Examining God’s Grace In Light Of Our Weaknesses And Insecurities

Part 19 - 04/13/06

Guidance From The Bible For The Road Ahead

Part 20 - 04/17/06

Decisions Require Faith

Part 21 - 04/18/06

Abraham’s Life Of Faithfulness

Part 22 - 04/19/06

A Whole New Meaning To Having A Radical Faith

Part 23 - 04/20/06

Astounding Insight Into God’s Character

Part 24 - 04/21/06

An Insightful Look At Practical Issues

Part 25 - 04/24/06

Insight For Hard Times

Part 26 - 04/25/06

A Practical Look At Revitalizing Your Faith

Part 27 - 04/26/06

A Discussion On The Heart Of Faith–trusting In Jesus Christ

Part 28 - 04/27/06

Committing To ‘one God’ In A Culture Where Multiple Gods Are Worshiped Daily

Part 29 - 04/28/06

The Key To A Life Of Faith

Part 30 - 05/01/06

God Often Places Challenges In Our Path To Bring Us Closer To Him

Part 31 - 05/02/06

A Practical Look At Facing Trials

Part 32 - 05/03/06

God Wants To Know Each Of Us Personally

Part 33 - 05/04/06

With God’s Help Your Faith Can Grow To Be Strong And Thriving

Part 34 - 05/05/06

How Faith In One God Affects Our Daily Lives

Part 35 - 05/08/06

Abraham’s Legacy Of Faith

Part 36 - 05/09/06

Developing Your Relationship With God

Part 37 - 05/10/06

An Insightful Look At Christianity

Part 38 - 05/11/06

How To Respond With Grace To Those Who Oppose Christianity

Part 39 - 05/12/06

Explore Ways To Bring Your Faith Into Everyday Living

Part 40 - 05/15/06

The Importance Of Worshiping The One True God And Worshiping Him Alone

Part 41 - 05/16/06

What It Means To Worship The One True God At All Times–not Just On Sunday Morning

Part 42 - 05/17/06

How The Use Of Hyperbole Brings The Bible To Life In A Whole New Way

Part 43 - 05/18/06

The Rewards Are Plentiful When We Rely On God’s Provision

Part 44 - 05/19/06

When We Trust God’s Plan, We Find Hope To Carry Us Through Life

Part 45 - 05/22/06

Abandoning Our Way . . . For God’s Way

Part 46 - 05/23/06

Reconciling Our Humanness To Our Being Made New In Christ

Part 47 - 05/24/06

The Difficulties In Following God’s Call

Part 48 - 05/25/06

The Life-changing Outcomes That Occur When We Respond To God’s Calling

Part 49 - 05/26/06

God Will Faithfully Stand By His People

Part 50 - 05/29/06

Stories Of Courageous Men And Women Of Faith

Part 51 - 05/30/06

When We Follow God’s Lead, We End Up In Places Greater Than We Ever Imagined

Part 52 - 05/31/06

Are You Willing To Step Into The Unknown With God?

Part 53 - 06/01/06

Let’s Discuss The Long-range Point Of View Christian Need To Take

Part 54 - 06/02/06

How To Stay The Course When Your Emotions Are Leading You Elsewhere

Part 55 - 06/05/06

What Do We Do When The Facts Of Faith And The Facts Of Life Don’t Add Up?

Part 56 - 06/06/06

Yielding Control Of Our Lives Into God’s Capable Hands

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