Series By Faith… Abraham—Part 2

Continue the discussion of how Abraham lived a life of faith with the Discover the Word group of Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan. Abraham provides some key perspectives for today’s Christians, from how to think about our future to how to deal with the culture around us. But its important to remember that Abraham did not have an easy walk. Instead, the Bible seems to stress how often his faith was tested. How can the way Abraham responded to testing help us when we're tested in our journey through life? Pull a chair up to the table and grapple with some hard questions and learn what a relationship with God looks like, and why living a life of faith is worth it.

Dates August 29 - December 22, 2006
# of Programs 79
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 08/29/06

The Need To Reach Out To People From All Walks Of Life

Part 2 - 08/30/06

The City That God Built

Part 3 - 08/31/06

Insight To The Timeless Question: What Does Heaven Look Like?

Part 4 - 09/01/06

A Challenge To Live With Heaven In Mind

Part 5 - 09/04/06

A Look At The Christian Culture

Part 6 - 09/05/06

What Does It Mean To Be Citizens Of Heaven While Still Here On Earth?

Part 7 - 09/06/06

What Does It Mean To Be In The World But Not Of The World?

Part 8 - 09/07/06

An Insightful Discussion About Discernment

Part 9 - 09/08/06

What It Means To Be A Christian In Today’s Society

Part 10 - 09/11/06

Living In Today’s Society While Nurturing A Vital Relationship With God

Part 11 - 09/12/06

The Fine Line Between Influencing Our Culture And Becoming A Part Of It

Part 12 - 09/13/06

What It Means To Be A Follower Of Christ In Our Culture

Part 13 - 09/14/06

Reaching The World Without Letting Its Values Infiltrate The Church

Part 14 - 09/15/06

The Church’s Role In Our Ever-changing Society

Part 15 - 09/18/06

Let’s Examine A Biblical View Of Influencing The World Around Us

Part 16 - 09/19/06

Practical Ways To Understand The Society Around Us While Still Maintaining Our Beliefs

Part 17 - 09/20/06

Explore Ways To Debate Issues With Christlike Love

Part 18 - 09/21/06

Ever Get Impatient With God’s Timing?

Part 19 - 09/22/06

How God Interacts With Us On A Daily Basis . . . Through Good Times And Bad

Part 20 - 09/25/06

Ever Feel You’re Not “good Enough” For God’s Love?

Part 21 - 09/26/06

A Challenge For Us To Choose The Eternal Blessings Over Temporal Ones

Part 22 - 09/27/06

Ways To Deepen Your Relationship With God

Part 23 - 09/28/06

The Difference A Deep, Committed Relationship With God Can Make In Your Life!

Part 24 - 09/29/06

How To Release A Burden. Are You Carrying Something Heavy Today?

Part 25 - 10/02/06

Give God A Chance To Work . . . You’ll Find He’s Always Faithful

Part 26 - 10/03/06

Solid, Biblical Counsel On Following God’s Plan

Part 27 - 10/04/06

Let’s Decipher Some Of The Analogies In The Bible And How They Relate To Life Today

Part 28 - 10/05/06

New Perspective On The Metaphors In The Bible

Part 29 - 10/06/06

What It Means To Be “blameless” Before God

Part 30 - 10/09/06

The Process Of Growing Strong In The Christian Life.

Part 31 - 10/10/06

What It Means To Become A Believer In Christ

Part 32 - 10/11/06

A Challenge For Each Of Us To Consider Our Motives In Trusting God

Part 33 - 10/12/06

Let’s Debunk The Myth That Being A Christian Means Perfection Is Possible

Part 34 - 10/13/06

An Honest Discussion On What It Means To Trust In God

Part 35 - 10/16/06

Questioning Whether God Is In Control? An Honest Look At The Life Of Faith

Part 36 - 10/17/06

The Difficulties And Rewards When Our Beliefs Are On Display

Part 37 - 10/18/06

An Authentic Discussion On The Difficulties Of Standing Up For What We Believe

Part 38 - 10/19/06

Having Difficulty Waiting For God To Take Action?

Part 39 - 10/20/06

Trying To Make Sense Of The Hardships You’re Facing?

Part 40 - 10/23/06

No Matter How Far We May Run . . . God Continues To Pursue Us

Part 41 - 10/24/06

An Honest Discussion About The Walk Of Faith

Part 42 - 10/25/06

What It Means To Call On The God Of The Universe

Part 43 - 10/26/06

Learning How To Build A Deeper Confidence In God

Part 44 - 10/27/06

Gain A New And Refreshing View Of God’s Character

Part 45 - 11/06/06

Does God’s All-knowing Power Override Our Choices?

Part 46 - 11/07/06

How To Look For God In The Midst Of Painful Trials

Part 47 - 11/08/06

Going Through A Hard Time?

Part 48 - 11/09/06

How God Uses True Stories To Communicate Deep Lessons On Life

Part 49 - 11/10/06

Let’s Examine What It Takes To Live A Life Of Faith

Part 50 - 11/13/06

Explore Some Of God’s Promises That Can Help Us During Times Of Pain And Suffering

Part 51 - 11/14/06

The Christian Faith Is Based On One Central Truth

Part 52 - 11/15/06

An Authentic Discussion About Your Walk Of Faith

Part 53 - 11/1606

Encouragement To Those Allowing God To Paint Their Future

Part 54 - 11/17/06

Have You Come To A Crossroads In Your Life? Don’t Know Which Path To Choose?

Part 55 - 11/20/06

Let’s Grapple With The Painful Realities Of Faith

Part 56 - 11/21/06

An Authentic Discussion On The Hope We Have In Jesus

Part 57 - 11/22/06

How To Measure Opportunities That Come Our Way

Part 58 - 11/23/06

An Authentic Discussion On Overcoming Trials With Faith In God

Part 59 - 11/24/06

Encouragement For Those Running The Race Of The Christian Life

Part 60 - 11/27/06

Will Our Faith In God Stand The Test When The Pressure Is On And The Stakes Are High?

Part 61 - 11/28/06

Encouragement For Facing Some Serious Trials

Part 62 - 11/29/06

Having Trouble Trusting God With Everything In Your Life?

Part 63 - 11/30/06

Struggling To Make The Right Decision?

Part 64 - 12/01/06

An Authentic Look At The Conflicts That Test Our Character

Part 65 - 12/04/06

Let’s Uncover The Ways God Reveals Himself To Us

Part 66 - 12/05/06

There Are Difficulties In Letting Go, Whether Your Child Is In Kindergarten Or College

Part 67 - 12/06/06

An Honest Look At How Our Perceptions Color The Way We Live

Part 68 - 12/07/06

Maybe You’re Wondering Right Now – If We Aren’t In Control, Is There Someone Who Is?

Part 69 - 12/08/06

Wondering Why God Has Allowed You To Suffer Through A Painful Circumstance?

Part 70 - 12/11/06

An Insightful Dialogue On Testing

Part 71 - 12/12/06

Deepening Our Friendship With God

Part 72 - 12/13/06

Are We Following God Because We Love Him, Or Because Of What He Can Offer In Return?

Part 73 - 12/14/06

Is God Enough? A Thought-provoking Discussion On This Profound Question

Part 74 - 12/15/06

What If God Asked You . . . “am I Enough?”

Part 75 - 12/18/06

Examining Decisions We Make When We’re Caught Up In The Moment

Part 76 - 12/19/06

Do You Feel Like You’ve Got A Long Way To Go In Your Relationship With God?

Part 77 - 12/20/06

The Implications Of Believing In God’s Victory Over Death

Part 78 - 12/21/06

Having A Hard Time Sharing Christ With Others?

Part 79 - 12/22/06

An Authentic Discussion Of Living Out Our Faith

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