Series By Faith...David

David was called "a man after God’s own heart," and the Bible's Old Testament records many times when he displayed great faith in and love for God. Yet there were also times when he doubted, and times when he sinned grievously. Join Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they take a look at the life of David and a number of his psalms. Discover the relationship of faith and doubt, and learn how a person of faith responds to rebuke and rejoices in forgiveness.

Dates February 6-26, 2008
# of Programs 15
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 02/06/08

The Life Of David, A Man After God’s Own Heart

Part 2 - 02/07/08

Haddon Robinson Presents A Special First-hand Account Of King David

Part 3 - 02/08/08

Let’s Uncover The True Story Of David And Goliath

Part 4 - 02/11/08

Some Spiritual Implications Behind The Well-known Fight Between David And Goliath

Part 5 - 02/12/08

An In-depth Study About The Showdown Between David And Goliath

Part 6 - 02/13/08

A Candid Discussion About The Realities Of Doubting God

Part 7 - 02/14/08

An Honest Look At Doubting, And How To Get Through To The Other Side

Part 8 - 02/15/08

An Authentic Discussion About The Reality Of Doubt

Part 9 - 02/18/08

When Circumstances Are Overwhelming There’s Comfort Knowing God’s In Control

Part 10 - 02/19/08

Do You Sometimes Feel Like God’s Beyond Your Reach?

Part 11 - 02/20/08

Does The Bible Impact Your Life?

Part 12 - 02/21/08

Expressing Grace And Mercy Through Reproof And Rebuke

Part 13 - 02/22/08

A Discussion On How To Take Rebuke Gracefully

Part 14 - 02/25/08

Do You Have Something To Share With God, But Can’t Find The Words?

Part 15 - 02/26/08

Look To The Psalms Of David To Find Healing From The Past

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