Series By Faith… Moses

Moses is one of history’s most significant heroes of faith. He was saved from Pharaoh’s wrath as an infant because of his parents’ faith; he chose to cast his lot with the suffering Israelites because of his own faith; by faith he returned to lead the Israelites out of Egypt; and by faith he crossed the Red Sea. In these conversations Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan take a closer look at the life of Moses, and gain new insight as to how faith can provide a sure foundation for even the most difficult decisions we might have to make in our personal lives.

Dates January 3 - March 16, 2012
# of Programs 54
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 01/03/12

Let’s look to the Scriptures for guidance as we pass down our faith to the next generation

Part 2 - 01/04/12

Taking a moment to adjust your priorities

Part 3 - 01/05/12

Discover how the home environment affects the decision to follow God

Part 4 - 01/06/12

The importance of decision making, especially when it involves our relationship with God

Part 5 - 01/09/12

Does God control everything? Or do people have the freedom to make choices?

Part 6 - 01/10/12

Find out why the Old Testament isn’t outdated

Part 7 - 01/11/12

The importance of understanding the history and context of Scripture

Part 8 - 01/12/12

How can an ordinary person make a difference?

Part 9 - 01/13/12

Gain a new appreciation for your place in history

Part 10 - 01/16/12

Reflecting on the decisions that shape our lives

Part 11 - 01/17/12

A fascinating discussion on the conversion experience of Moses

Part 12 - 01/18/12

An insightful dialogue on raising children to have a personal relationship with God

Part 13 - 01/19/12

Are you wrestling with where God has you right now?

Part 14 - 01/20/12

Choosing the right path, when standing at the crossroads of life

Part 15 - 01/23/12

An engaging discussion about making good choices

Part 16 - 01/24/12

Continue an in-depth study of the life of Moses

Part 17 - 01/25/12

Let’s look at the life of a wealthy man who turned his back on riches for a greater calling

Part 18 - 01/26/12

Discover a fresh perspective on the primary barrier to following God

Part 19 - 01/27/12

The importance of answering God’s call in the choices we make

Part 20 - 01/30/12

Discover what to do when pressure and ridicule come from those around us

Part 21 - 01/31/12

Step back in time to the ancient civilization of Egypt

Part 22 - 02/01/12

Inspiring stories of transformed lives

Part 23 - 02/02/12

A thought-provoking discussion on the most important decision of our lives

Part 24 - 02/03/12

Find encouragement even through difficult circumstances

Part 25 - 02/06/12

How the decisions we make today can shape our future

Part 26 - 02/07/12

An authentic discussion on the life of a believer in Christ

Part 27 - 02/08/12

Discover how to press through the inevitable challenges of life

Part 28 - 02/09/12

Find encouragement to persevere

Part 29 - 02/10/12

Practical ways to settle disputes with those in the family of God

Part 30 - 02/13/12

Understanding the persecution that ordinary Christians face every day

Part 31 - 02/14/12

The most important thing to consider when making decisions

Part 32 - 02/15/12

How we can live differently because we know there is more to come beyond this life!

Part 33 - 02/16/12

Looking forward to the reward awaiting us in heaven!

Part 34 - 02/17/12

Looking ahead to our permanent home in heaven

Part 35 - 02/20/12

Making a difference for God

Part 36 - 02/21/12

Details about Moses’ life that could have some big implications

Part 37 - 02/22/12

The fears Moses faced, and overcame!

Part 38 - 02/23/12

Discover why it’s crucial to believe what we cannot see

Part 39 - 02/24/12

Why Passover is still such a significant holiday today

Part 40 - 02/27/12

Looking at the very first Passover to find parallels with Jesus Christ as the ultimate Passover Lamb

Part 41 - 02/28/12

The historical significance communion holds for the follower of Christ

Part 42 - 02/29/12

Leaving your past behind to find a great new beginning with God!

Part 43 - 03/01/12

Discover how Israel’s Feast of Unleavened Bread parallels with the need to root out personal sin

Part 44 - 03/02/12

Understanding why God’s faithful servant, Moses, wasn’t permitted to enter the promised land

Part 45 - 03/05/12

A life-changing mistake Moses made, and the loving way God worked with him

Part 46 - 03/06/12

Discover ancient Jewish heritage that influences our modern-day faith

Part 47 - 03/07/12

God is trustworthy no matter what comes our way!

Part 48 - 03/08/12

No matter what we’re facing today, God is working things out for our good!

Part 49 - 03/09/12

Find lessons on faith that apply to our lives right now

Part 50 - 03/12/12

Continuing the in-depth look at the life of Moses

Part 51 - 03/13/12

Look to the Bible to explore ways God intervenes on our behalf

Part 52 - 03/14/12

Three ways God keeps His promises

Part 53 - 03/15/12

Understanding the relationship between faith and works

Part 54 - 03/16/12

The way God faithfully works in our lives

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