Series By Faith… Or Not? Israel’s Exodus and Conquest

In Hebrews chapter 11, the author of the book of Hebrews recognizes a number of people from Israel’s history who displayed an amazing faith in God. But the author remains conspicuously quiet concerning the 40-year period that Israel spent travelling through the wilderness from Egypt to the Promised Land. In fact, besides Moses, the only character mentioned from that time is Rahab, a pagan prostitute from the city of Jericho. Why would such an unlikely character be the only one to represent faith during such a pivotal period of Israel's history? Join the Discover the Word group of Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they consider Rahab, her actions and her faith, as well as Israel’s continual struggle with idolatry.

Dates August 16 - October 11, 2007
# of Programs 41
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 08/16/07

The Important Role Faith Plays In Our Lives

Part 2 - 08/17/07

Following God’s Plan . . . And Learning To Trust Him Along The Way

Part 3 - 08/20/07

Practical Advice For Making Tough Choices

Part 4 - 08/21/07

A Woman Known For Her Unsavory Past And Still Accepted By A Loving God

Part 5 - 08/22/07

God Uses An Ordinary Woman To Bring About An Extraordinary Victory For His People

Part 6 - 08/23/07

A Deep Belief In God Can Be Expressed Through Our Actions

Part 7 - 08/24/07

A Lively Discussion On The Consequences Of Choosing To Reject God

Part 8 - 08/27/07

Explore What It Means To Have An Inward And Outward Faith

Part 9 - 08/28/07

A Challenge To View Faith And Works In A New Way

Part 10 - 08/29/07

Find Clarity If You’ve Been Wondering When Good Is Good Enough

Part 11 - 08/30/07

A Practical Look At Living Out The Christian Life

Part 12 - 08/31/07

Everyday Issues Of Life And Faith

Part 13 - 09/03/07

The Unconditional Love Of God

Part 14 - 09/04/07

Do You Want A Faith That’s Real, Alive, And Making A Difference?

Part 15 - 09/05/07

What A Real Christian Looks Like

Part 16 - 09/06/07

There’s A Link Between Trusting God And Waiting For His Plan To Unfold

Part 17 - 09/07/07

An Insightful Look At God’s Timing In Our Lives

Part 18 - 09/10/07

No Matter What You’ve Done . . . There’s Hope For Your Life

Part 19 - 09/11/07

Hope To Those In Bondage To Their Past

Part 20 - 09/12/07

Encouragement To Put Your Faith In God Even When The Odds Are Stacked Against You

Part 21 - 09/13/07

A Challenge To Trust The Credibility Of God’s Word

Part 22 - 09/14/07

The Unfolding Drama As The Israelites Approached Jericho With God On Their Side

Part 23 - 09/17/07

Finding It Difficult To Trust God With The Unknowns?

Part 24 - 09/18/07

A Look At The Issue Of Idolatry In The Old Testament And How It Applies To Us In The Twenty-first Century

Part 25 - 09/19/07

Valuable Insight Into The Second Biblical Commandment Prohibiting Idolatry

Part 26 - 09/20/07

Having A Hard Time Standing Your Ground When Everyone Around You Claims You’re Wrong?

Part 27 - 09/21/07

A New Perspective On The Biblical Issue Of Idolatry

Part 28 - 09/24/07

God Is Closer Than You May Think!

Part 29 - 09/25/07

Is There Something Standing In The Way Of Your Worship Of God?

Part 30 - 09/26/07

A Biblical Warning Against Idolatry Put Into Context For Us Today

Part 31 - 09/27/07

Trying To Earn God’s Blessing?

Part 32 - 09/28/07

Encouragement To Trust God To Carry Your Heavy Load

Part 33 - 10/01/07

Find Freedom From Carrying The Load Yourself

Part 34 - 10/02/07

A Refreshing Perspective On Following God

Part 35 - 10/03/07

An In-depth Discussion On Living A Life Of Faith

Part 36 - 10/04/07

Putting God First, Even If It Doesn’t Feel Convenient

Part 37 - 10/05/07

Open Your Eyes To A Whole New Understanding Of The Bible

Part 38 - 10/08/07

Is It Possible How We View God Is Revealed In How We Respond To Him?

Part 39 - 10/09/07

Idolatry In The First-century Church

Part 40 - 10/10/07

A Brief Glimpse Into An Ancient Culture

Part 41 - 10/11/07

A Challenge For Us To Evaluate The Things That Have Captured Our Hearts

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