Series By Faith… the Judges

Join the Discover the Word group of Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they get together to look at some confusing stories from the Old Testament. They’ll take a look at the stories of Gideon, whose struggle to have faith caused him to put out a fleece to confirm God’s leading; of Deborah and Barak, where a woman summoned a military man to go fight against a much greater army; of Samson, a strong man who fell again and again into temptation; and Jephthah, a general whose faulty theology led to tragic consequences. People of faith? Really? Explore with the group what we can discover from these stories what it means to live by faith in difficult times.

Dates October 12, 2007 - January 22, 2008
# of Programs 62
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 10/12/07

The Importance Of Understanding The True Message Behind Passages In Scripture

Part 2 - 10/15/07

Could There Be A Different Conclusion To The Ancient Story Of Gideon?

Part 3 - 10/16/07

What It Means To Really Know God’s Will

Part 4 - 10/17/07

A Weak Man Became Courageous . . . By Learning To Trust In God

Part 5 - 10/18/07

How God Uses Ordinary People To Revolutionize A Culture

Part 6 - 10/19/07

A Look At The Inspirational Old Testament Story Of Deborah And Barak

Part 7 - 10/22/07

A Reminder That No Barrier Or Impediment Is Too Great For God To Overcome

Part 8 - 10/23/07

A Look At The Life Of An Army General Who Trusted God In The Midst Of Overwhelming Opposition

Part 9 - 10/24/07

An Honest Look At The Saints Who Went Before Us. Need A Reality Check?

Part 10 - 10/25/07

An In-depth Study On The Men And Women Who God Has Used In Extraordinary Ways

Part 11 - 10/26/07

God Often Chooses The Most Unlikely Men And Women To Do His Work!

Part 12 - 10/29/07

Some Key Elements Of Strong Leadership

Part 13 - 10/30/07

Leadership Skills That Will Help You Impact Your World

Part 14 - 10/31/07

Let’s Examine The Different Ways Men And Women Exude Leadership

Part 15 - 11/01/07

Practical Tools For Honing Your Leadership Skills

Part 16 - 11/02/07

It Takes Courage To Serve God In A Role You Aren’t Satisfied With

Part 17 - 11/05/07

Wondering If Your Faith Can Make A Difference?

Part 18 - 11/06/07

A Reminder That God Values Each One Of Us . . . In Spite Of Our Mistakes And Mishaps

Part 19 - 11/07/07

A Continuing In-depth Look At What It Means To Live A Life Of Faith

Part 20 - 11/08/07

The Spiritual Legacy We Leave Our Children

Part 21 - 11/09/07

An Introduction To Samson

Part 22 - 11/12/07

A Biblical Account Of Samson And His Parents

Part 23 - 11/13/07

Continuing Our In-depth Study Of The Life Of Samson

Part 24 - 11/14/07

Samson – A Man Who Made Poor Decisions Over And Over Again . . . And Yet Was Used Mightily By God

Part 25 - 11/15/07

Wondering If God Can Use You?

Part 26 - 11/16/07

The Nature Of Temptation . . . And The Tempter Behind It

Part 27 - 11/19/07

Examining 2 Corinthians 12:10, Which Says: “when I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong.”

Part 28 - 11/20/07

The Factual Account Of Samson And The Relevance It Holds For Us Today

Part 29 - 11/21/07

Does The Biblical Doctrine Of Grace Give Us License To Behave As We Please?

Part 30 - 11/22/07

Even As Adults, We Can Fall Into The Trap Of Taking Advantage Of God’s Grace

Part 31 - 11/23/07

Examining The Ancient Story Of Samson And Delilah

Part 32 - 11/26/07

A Fascinating Dialogue On The Life Of Samson

Part 33 - 11/27/07

The Important Topic Of Compromise As We Explore The Fascinating Life Of Samson

Part 34 - 11/28/07

A Look At Samson’s Downfall — His Demise Was Fully Influenced By The Company He Kept

Part 35 - 11/29/07

God May Have A Larger Plan In Motion For You

Part 36 - 11/30/07

Does The Bible Advocate Befriending People Of Other Religious Convictions?

Part 37 - 12/03/07

Samson . . . A Man Who Defied God’s Direction, And As A Result, Took A Mighty Fall

Part 38 - 12/04/07

Reading The Bible As A Form Of Narrative Literature

Part 39 - 12/05/07

How Different Writing Styles Can Impact Our Study Of The Bible

Part 40 - 12/06/07

Explore Ways To Read The Bible As A Story, While Staying In Line With The Author’s Original Intent

Part 41 - 12/07/07

Samson . . . A Man Whose Indifference Toward God Led To His Downfall

Part 42 - 12/10/07

How You Can Be Freed From The Guilt And Frustration Once And For All!

Part 43 - 12/11/07

Feel Like You’re Beyond Redemption?

Part 44 - 12/12/07

The Story Of A Man Who Seemed Lost Forever

Part 45 - 12/13/07

A New Perspective To Get You Through The Tough Times

Part 46 - 12/14/07

Are Some Actions Unforgivable? Hear The Truth About Redemption

Part 47 - 12/17/07

The Reality Of Forgiveness . . . And The Consequences Of Taking Your Own Path

Part 48 - 01/02/08

A Man God Used In A Profound And Dramatic Way

Part 49 - 01/03/08

The Life Of One Of The Influential Leaders In The Old Testament

Part 50 - 01/04/08

Jephthah, A Man Who Had A Heart For God, But Made Some Choices With Dire Consequences

Part 51 - 01/07/08

The Dangers Of Belief In God Without A Solid Foundation In Theology

Part 52 - 01/08/08

A Man Who Came From A Painful Childhood, But Overcame His Hurt In Order To Help In A Time Of Crisis

Part 53 - 01/09/08

A Message Of Hope Beneath This Story Of A Broken Family

Part 54 - 01/10/08

Building Bridges Rather Than Walls

Part 55 - 01/11/08

A Difficult Passage In The Book Of Judges

Part 56 - 01/14/08

Sometimes People Do Rash Things In The Name Of Faith

Part 57 - 01/15/08

A Much-debated Passage Of Scripture About A Man Who Made A Rash Vow To God

Part 58 - 01/16/08

A Man Who Made An Outrageous Vow To God . . . With Devastating Consequences

Part 59 - 01/17/08

Having The Right Understanding Of God Is Extremely Important

Part 60 - 01/18/08

When Our Perception Of God Is Wrong, Our Choices Are Affected

Part 61 - 01/21/08

How Can We Trust God When He Seems So Mysterious To Us, And Even Unknown?

Part 62 - 01/22/08

Faith Is A Matter Of The Head And The Heart

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