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Conflict in the church? What? How can Christians not get along? Easy - we’re humans. In his letter to the church in Philippi, the apostle Paul lovingly spells out the need for believers there to resolve their conflicts, and in so doing, he offers us practical principles for resolving our conflicts today as well.

Dates May 13-17, 2019
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder and Daniel Ryan Day
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Part 1 - 05/13/19

How To Deal With Conflict In The Church

When it comes to conflict, most people either face it head on, or run the other way. But what if there were a third option? Today on Discover the Word, the group discusses the apostle Paul’s advice for dealing with conflict in the church. Join us for a new series titled, “Deal with It,” today on Discover the Word!

Part 2 - 05/14/19

What Does The Bible Say About Conflict Resolution?

When someone needs correcting, how do you go about it? Do you sugarcoat the situation, or would you rather “show ’em a little tough love”? Today on Discover the Word, we consider the value of relationship when dealing with conflict. Another practical look at biblical conflict resolution, today on Discover the Word!

Part 3 - 05/15/19

“Deal With It”

For centuries, Christians have squabbled over differences in doctrine or tradition. And it’s caused a lot of division in the church. Today on Discover the Word, the group encourages us to—even with our differences—keep the main thing the main thing. Be part of this week’s series titled, “Deal with It,” today on Discover the Word!

Part 4 - 05/16/19

The Role Of A Mediator

In any relationship, conflict is inevitable. But what happens when people can’t work out their differences? Today on Discover the Word, we discuss the role of a mediator in conflict between Christians. It’s another practical lesson on conflict resolution from Paul’s letter to the Philippians, today on Discover the Word!

Part 5 - 05/17/19

How Should We Respond To Conflict?

Nobody enjoys conflict. In fact, most of us would rather avoid it. So when conflict rears its ugly head, how should we respond? Today on Discover the Word, the team consider what it looks like to live out your faith when dealing with conflict. Don’t miss the conclusion of the series titled, “Deal with It,” today on Discover the Word!

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