Series Don’t Worry!

What kinds of things do you often worry about? Worry about your health? Worry about money? Worry about your job? Worry about your marriage? Or the fact that you’re not married and you’d like to be? There are certainly lots of things to worry about. In the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 6, Jesus tells us not to worry. Join Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they talk about what “worry” is, and whether it is realistic to think we can obey Jesus when he tells us “Don’t worry.” Discover some practical ways we can keep first things first and overcome anxiety and worry

Dates August 19 - September 30, 2013
# of Programs 31
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 08/19/13

The dangers of reading Scripture as disconnected anecdotes, and encouragement to see the Bible as a single narrative

Part 2 - 08/20/13

Discover what Jesus said about our catalog of worries

Part 3 - 08/21/13

A timely lesson about the reality of fear and worry in our lives

Part 4 - 08/22/13

Discover what “good theology” means

Part 5 - 08/23/13

Find out how a belief and trust in God can help overcome anxiety

Part 6 - 08/26/13

How fear and anxiety can be detrimental to our spiritual health



Part 7 - 08/27/13

Discover Jesus’ prescription for healthy spiritual sight

Part 8 - 08/28/13

Questions that test our spiritual health, and the role anxiety plays in our lives

Part 9 - 08/29/13

Find a biblical anecdote to anxiety in the Sermon on the Mount

Part 10 - 08/30/13

Find freedom from the worries that hold you captive

Part 11 - 09/02/13

Discover Jesus’ instructions for finding peace

Part 12 - 09/03/13

Discover that a closer inspection of our surroundings can strengthen our trust in God’s provision

Part 13 - 09/04/13

Biblical hope can encourage us, despite the reality of suffering in our lives

Part 14 - 09/05/13

Discover the love and care behind Jesus’ words “Do not worry.”

Part 15 - 09/06/13

Let’s look to James chapter 2 for guidance on responding to pain with compassion

Part 16 - 09/09/13

An up-close perspective on Matthew 6 to better understand Jesus’ message

Part 17 - 09/10/13

Let’s look at Paul’s life for encouragement on finding peace in the midst of suffering

Part 18 - 09/11/13

Let’s take a closer look at Matthew chapter 6 to see the right ways, and wrong ways, to apply this passage

Part 19 - 09/12/13

Discover Jesus’ teaching on worry, and how it relates to our day-to-day living

Part 20 - 09/13/13

Discover the importance of setting our sights on God’s kingdom

Part 21 - 09/16/13

Learn how to respond in faith in times of adversity

Part 22 - 09/17/13

What are the boundaries of God’s promise to supply?

Part 23 - 09/18/13

A timely lesson on priorities from the Sermon on the Mount

Part 24 - 09/19/13

What it means to represent Christ to the world

Part 25 - 09/20/13

What does it mean to seek God’s will for our lives?

Part 26 - 09/23/13

Discover what it means to represent God’s heavenly kingdom

Part 27 - 09/24/13

Find the true meaning behind Jesus’ promise of provision in Matthew 6

Part 28 - 09/25/13

Discover what spiritual sickness is and how it is affecting Americans

Part 29 - 09/26/13

Let’s look at seven reasons in Scripture for why we should not be anxious about our future

Part 30 - 09/27/13

Find freedom in Jesus’ teaching on not being anxious about the future

Part 31 - 09/30/13

The process and product of the providence of God

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