Series Explore the Bible for Yourself

"Study the Bible" is what the Discover the Word group invites you to do with them each weekday, but this series of conversations hopes to help you improve your ability to explore the Bible on your own as well. Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan explain some basic principles and methods they use when reading and studying the Bible. If you're intimidated by this ancient book that you often find difficult to understand, the Explore the Bible for Yourself series will give you the tools you need to dig into God’s Word and to discover what it says, what it means, and what it means to us today.

Dates February 27 - May 8, 2008
# of Programs 52
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 02/27/08

Discover The Profound Benefits Of Hearing God’s Word

Part 2 - 02/28/08

Do You Believe The Bible Is A Life-changing Book?

Part 3 - 02/29/08

Does The Bible Seem Foreign And Difficult To Understand?

Part 4 - 03/03/08

The Process Of Biblical Translation . . . And The Benefits Of Each Version

Part 5 - 03/04/08

Which Bible Translation Should You Choose?

Part 6 - 03/05/08

Getting Back To A Right Understanding Of The Bible

Part 7 - 03/06/08

Do You Want To Understand The Bible Better?

Part 8 - 03/07/08

There’s Help In Getting The Most From God’s Word

Part 9 - 03/10/08

A Dynamic Story Of Friendship, Betrayal, And Reconciliation

Part 10 - 03/11/08

Getting First-things-first In Bible Study

Part 11 - 03/12/08

Enjoy The Best Loved Poem In All The Scriptures . . . Psalm 23

Part 12 - 03/13/08

Master The Skill Of Biblical Interpretation

Part 13 - 03/14/08

How Personal Interpretation Plays Into Our Bible Reading

Part 14 - 03/17/08

Let’s Explore Psalm 23

Part 15 - 03/18/08

How To Break Down Bible Passages Into Easy-to-understand Pieces

Part 16 - 03/19/08

A Step-by-step Process To Unveil The Clear And Beautiful Message In A Psalm

Part 17 - 03/20/08

A Discussion About The Basic Elements Of Poetry In The Old Testament

Part 18 - 03/21/08

A Practical Lesson On Hebrew Poetry . . . Even Some Tips On How To Write Our Own Psalms

Part 19 - 03/24/08

The Heartfelt Psalms Of Fellow Listeners

Part 20 - 03/25/08

An Honest Expression Of The Heart From Fellow Discover The Word Listeners

Part 21 - 03/26/08

Hear The Beautiful Expressions Of Listeners’ Psalms

Part 22 - 03/27/08

Practical Tips On How To Comprehend The Important Passages Of Old Testament Poetry

Part 23 - 03/28/08

A Lesson In Learning How To Study The Bible On Your Own

Part 24 - 03/31/08

An Old Testament Psalm That Shows Remarkable Transparency With God

Part 25 - 04/01/08

See How The Psalms Can Soften Your Heart

Part 26 - 04/02/08

The Scriptures Come Alive When We Read The Powerful Message Of God To His People



Part 27 - 04/03/08

Get Focused On The One Who Deserves Our Praise

Part 28 - 04/04/08

Learn Important Tools To You Help Get The Most Out Of Bible Study

Part 29 - 04/07/08

Examine How The Account Of David In The Bible Impacts Our Lives Today

Part 30 - 04/08/08

Tools To Getting The Most Out Of Narrative Accounts For Your Bible Study

Part 31 - 04/09/08

See How The Story Of Ruth Teaches Life-lessons That Can Be Used Today

Part 32 - 04/10/08

How To See The Broader Context Of What The Bible Has To Say

Part 33 - 04/11/08

Bible Narratives . . . How To Interpret And Apply Them To Our Lives

Part 34 - 04/14/08

Take An Honest Look At God’s Grace-filled Work Through His People

Part 35 - 04/15/08

The Use Of Figurative Language In The Bible, And How To Interpret It Effectively

Part 36 - 04/16/08

How To Accurately Interpret The Figurative Language Used In The Bible

Part 37 - 04/17/08

Tools To Help Us Interpret And Understand The Figurative Language Used In Scripture

Part 38 - 04/18/08

Practical Tools For Understanding And Interpreting The Bible Accurately

Part 39 - 04/21/08

How The Bible Uses Various Forms Of Speech To Communicate

Part 40 - 04/22/08

Examine The Pros And Cons Of Some Popular Bible Study Tools

Part 41 - 04/23/08

Find Helpful Tools For Interpreting The Scriptures And Applying Them To Your Daily Life

Part 42 - 04/24/08

Can The Bible Mean Different Things To Different People?

Part 43 - 04/25/08

How To Respond To Biblical Disagreements

Part 44 - 04/28/08

Practical Tools For Digging Deeper Into God’s Word

Part 45 - 04/29/08

How We Apply The Bible To Our Lives Affects Our Outlook On Life

Part 46 - 04/30/08

A Step-by-step Guide To Getting The Most Out Of The Bible

Part 47 - 05/01/08

Part Of Understanding The Bible Is To Respect The Context In Which It Was Written

Part 48 - 05/02/08

It Can Be Dangerous To Take A Bible Promise And Misapply It In Our Lives

Part 49 - 05/05/08

The Challenge Of Applying The Bible To Our Everyday Lives

Part 50 - 05/06/08

How To Deal With Current-day Problems That Aren’t Mentioned In The Scriptures

Part 51 - 05/07/08

Guidelines For Accurately Interpreting The Scriptures

Part 52 - 05/0808

Ten Guidelines To Help Better Understand The Bible And Correctly Apply It To Daily Life

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