Series Faith, Heaven, and Your Future

Very few things have the statistical certainty of death. 100%--one out of one of us dies. But will death mean the end of our existence? Or is there hope of a future life? And what will that be like? Join the Discover the Word group as Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan explore a key ingredient of a life characterized by faith in God. Learn how to live well today by thinking properly about tomorrow as we discover the forward looking perspective of the people of faith listed in Hebrews 11.

Dates July 4-29, 2011
# of Programs 20
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 07/04/11

Gain a whole new perspective when you look at the life of faith

Part 2 - 07/05/11

Are the promises in the Bible meant to be applied in the twenty-first century?

Part 3 - 07/06/11

Discover what the Scriptures are saying to you

Part 4 - 07/07/11

Reflecting on those who have gone before us and how God fulfilled His promises in extraordinary ways

Part 5 - 07/08/11

An authentic discussion about having faith in the unseen

Part 6 - 07/11/11

Discover the many ways we can apply a few complex passages of Scripture

Part 7 - 07/12/11

Learning to live with uncertainty, and have faith in the outcome!

Part 8 - 07/13/11

God doesn’t focus on our flaws; instead he looks at how we demonstrate our faith in Him

Part 9 - 07/14/11

Encouragement to those who fear the end

Part 10 - 07/15/11

A refreshing discussion that quells the fear about death and dying

Part 11 - 07/18/11

Practical ways to prepare yourself and your family for the end stages of life

Part 12 - 07/19/11

Realizing that with God, there are always good things ahead!

Part 13 - 07/20/11

Find out if there’s really something to look forward to after we leave this life

Is there life after death? And if there is, what will it be like? Let’s discuss the pictures of heaven found in Scripture.

Part 14 - 07/21/11

Let’s look at a man who staked his life on God’s promise, and wasn’t disappointed!

Part 15 - 07/22/11

Discover encouragement to sustain us through the most troubling times

Part 16 - 07/25/11

Let’s look at God’s promises

Part 17 - 07/26/11

Encouragement to trust God’s promises, even when it doesn’t fit our schedule

Part 18 - 07/27/11

Looking at God’s promises and providing hope to those in “waiting mode”

Part 19 - 07/28/11

Reflecting on a man who trusted God’s promises instead of his own wealth

Part 20 - 07/29/11

Wondering what our final home will look like?

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