Episode Finding Joy in the Journey | Week 3

Spend four weeks studying through Paul's letter to the Philippians with Bill and Elisa and Daniel and Rasool. They'll each take turns leading a chapter as they discover how it's possible to have joy in the struggles of life; how we can find joy in serving; and in what sense we can "do all things." It's another study through a book of the Bible that will inform how you read the Scriptures and challenge you as you live as a follower of Christ. Study Philippians with the Discover the Word group in this month-long focus on this pivotal New Testament book, and Find Joy in the Journey.

Dates October 23 - November 17, 2023
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and Rasool Berry
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Chapter 11

One of the best ways to get an idea to really stick is through repetition. And over and over again, the apostle Paul encourages his readers to “rejoice in the Lord!” In this chapter, you’ll open up to Philippians chapter 3 to find out how to have joy in the struggles of life.

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Chapter 12

In Philippians, Paul wrote, “Beware of the dogs!” Clearly he wasn’t talking about “man’s best friend”! So who was Paul really warning us about? In this chapter, you’ll discover the true identity of these “dogs” Paul was so concerned about.

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Chapter 13

Ever heard someone’s testimony and felt like a spiritual underachiever? We have a tendency to feel the need to “one up” others when it comes to our Christian credentials. But the question is: Does that matter at all to God? In this chapter, you’ll examine Paul’s spiritual resume. Do you stack up in God’s eyes?

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Chapter 14

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? There are lots of reasons, but Paul says there’s one motivation that surpasses them all! In this chapter, you’ll find out the ultimate goal in the Christian life—the ultimate reason to get out of bed every day.

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Chapter 15

As election season ramps up, you’ll hear people identify themselves by their political affiliation. But whether you’re an Independent, a card-carrying Republican, or a blue-blood Democrat, if you are in Christ, you have a new identity! In this chapter, you’ll learn what your heavenly citizenship means for your life today.

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