Episode Five Sentences

In this series we’ll look at five sentences that describe Mary of Bethany and the progressive relationship she had with Jesus. We’ll consider what Mary’s encounters with Jesus meant to her, how they layered to form a powerful relationship and how we too can enjoy such a relationship. How might these same sentences describe our journey to Jesus – and the difference He makes in our lives?

Dates January 1-5, 2024
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and Rasool Berry
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Chapter 1

Does your version of the Bible have red letters scattered throughout the Gospels? Those red letters can indicate the words that Jesus spoke. But, one sentence in Mark jumps out at us. Here, we see Jesus defending Mary of Bethany, saying she “she did what she could.” What actions in Mary’s life led up to this? This week, the Discover the Word team looks back through five simple sentences that help us see how Mary got to this point in her relationship with Jesus.

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Chapter 2

What are the words and phrases that always seem stuck in your head? Usually, they are the ones that you have listened to over and over again. In today’s conversation, we find a sentence in Luke 10 that describes how Mary’s posture of listening to Jesus was anything but ordinary. Jesus’ words stick with her. In fact, they set the stage for bigger change happening in Mary’s heart.

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Chapter 3

We have a lot of moments in life where our question for God is “Why?” So many things we just don’t understand. As we read in John 11, we question why Jesus didn’t come even though He was right down the road. Mary was in that same questioning place with Jesus. Her brother had died, and she didn’t understand why Jesus didn’t help. It caused her to take a step back. But it was Mary’s moment of pause that eventually led her to discover something much greater.

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Chapter 4

Imagine being Mary, previously sitting at home, and now running toward Jesus because He specifically called you. Have you ever felt that God was “calling” you toward something? And if so, how did you respond? Did you do it or not? Today’s sentence describes Mary’s immediate response when Jesus “called” her, a pivotal moment in her understanding of Him.

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Chapter 5

Many times in the Gospels, we see people fall at the feet of Jesus, while others choose to walk away. In today’s conversation, the group explores Mary of Bethany’s desperation when her brother died, and how she responds once she finally sees Jesus. The final sentence of this study documents how Mary chooses to respond to who Jesus is. And it also leaves us with that same choice. . . will we fall at His feet, or will we walk away?

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