Episode Four Men, Four Stories

How do you read your Bible? Behind every story or character, there is bigger theology happening behind the scenes. At the heart of the stories, we see ordinary people like us encounter and be transformed by the Creator of the universe. Join us on Discover the Word this week as we dive into the stories of the men featured in 3rd John and see how each story explores their understanding of Christ.

Dates September 25-29, 2023
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and Rasool Berry
Text 3 John
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Chapter 1

Do you view your Bible as an instruction manual, a rule book, or a mystery? In this chapter, you’ll read the Bible as it was meant to be––God’s story! In this chapter, you’ll meet one famous and three often-overlooked characters from the book of 3rd John.

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Chapter 2

John was the disciple “whom Jesus loved.” But how much do we really know about John? In this chapter, you’ll find out more about this beloved disciple and what he wrote to the churches in his third letter.

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Chapter 3

There are lots of unusual and hard to pronounce names in the Bible that we sometimes skip right over. We’ve all done it! But, in this chapter, you’ll pause to investigate a man mentioned in 3rd John who shared a valuable and encouraging relationship with the elder apostle.

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Chapter 4

Have you ever encountered a bully? Turns out, bullies are nothing new. And they’ve been stirring up trouble since biblical times! In this chapter, you’ll discover a troublemaker mentioned in the book of 3rd John and find out how the elder Apostle dealt with this difficult person.

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Chapter 5

It’s easy to think of church leaders as men standing alone in their noble work. But as we read the Bible, we also see the names of the many people who supported and encouraged them. In this chapter, you’ll be introduced to a man whose name is not well known, but he’s a model leader who we should follow!

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