Episode Fruitful Living | Week 2

Do you like fruit? Why or why not? Do you have a favorite fruit? Well, growing a life that matters is the result of God’s fruit of the Spirit growing in our lives. But what is "the fruit of the Spirit" and how does it grow in our lives? Galatians 5 contrasts the fruit of the Spirit with the works of the flesh and then Paul explains how the fruit of the Spirit is God’s characteristics in our personality. Discover with the group what we look like when we look like Him.

Dates April 29-May 10, 2024
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day, and Rasool Berry
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Chapter 6

When you think about the different characteristics of God, what comes to your mind first? For a lot of us, His faithfulness and His gentleness are at the very top of the list. In this episode, the Discover the Word team continues their conversation on what it means to leave a legacy defined by our spiritual “fruit” by covering two more qualities that make up the fruit of the Spirit.

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Chapter 7

Let’s be honest, we have a love/hate relationship with boundaries. For as much as we complain about them from time to time, in the end, we’re usually grateful for what they protected us from. In this episode, the group looks at the final quality listed in the fruit of Spirit in Galatians 5, one that we all almost universally agree is the most difficult to grow. Any guesses about what it might be?

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Chapter 8

Do you have any grocery shopping hacks for picking out the best fruit in the produce section of the store? From squeezing, to tapping and thunking, to looking at its color, there’s an art to finding “the good ones.” Well, did you know there are also hacks we can use to check the health of our spiritual fruit? Join Elisa, Bill, Rasool, and Daniel as they talk about two different practices that can help us live a fruitful life.

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Chapter 9

Usually, when it comes to growing fruit, it’s a year-round process. The tree or plant has to be carefully maintained for months, just so you can enjoy the fruit for a short time. But it’s all part of the fruit growing process. In this conversation, the group explores how spiritual “fruit” works much the same way  and how the prep work often determines the kind of harvest we get.

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Chapter 10

How would you define your legacy? In this episode of Discover the Word, we put the finishing touches on our “Fruitful Living” study as the group discusses what it looks like to have a life that matters, and how the “fruit of the Spirit list” in Galatians 5 is a legacy to aspire to. Be part of our final conversation on the fruit of the Spirit.

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