Series God Is At Work—The Story of Ruth Part 1—The Worst of Times

Have you ever read the story of Ruth? It’s a short story in the Old Testament of the Bible that is far more than the "love story" we've traditionally seen it to be. It’s a tragic, yet hopeful story about how God makes much out of broken lives. Explore how, when it seems like God is absent, he is actually at work for our good. Come join Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they look at the first part of the story of Ruth and discover her mother-in-law Naomi’s hopeless circumstances and Ruth’s amazing commitment.

Dates May 31 - July 13, 2010
# of Programs 32
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
Text Ruth 1
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Part 1 - 05/31/10

Get More From The Scriptures As You Begin This New Series On The Book Of Ruth

Part 2 - 06/01/10

Let’s Begin A Fascinating Series On The Book Of Ruth

Part 3 - 06/02/10

Enjoy This Special Edition On The First Half Of The Book Of Ruth

Part 4 - 06/03/10

Enjoy This Special Edition On Chapters Three And Four Of The Book Of Ruth

Part 5 - 06/04/10

Discover How The Culture Ruth Lived In Isn’t Very Different From Our Own

Part 6 - 06/07/10

Hebrew Culture Among Families And A Brand-new Study On The Book Of Ruth

Part 7 - 06/08/10

Let’s Explore The Rich Story In The Book Of Ruth

Part 8 - 06/09/10

Let’s Take A Deeper Look Into Ruth’s Life

Part 9 - 06/10/10

Discover The Biblical Story Of Ruth

Part 10 - 06/11/10

Dig Deeper Into The Story Of Ruth And Naomi For Insight

Part 11 - 06/14/10

How God Works In Our Darkest Hours To Bring About Blessing

Part 12 - 06/15/10

Find Encouragement In Knowing God Is In Control

Part 13 - 06/16/10

Discover How God Works In The Ordinary Events We Confront Every Day

Part 14 - 06/17/10

Let’s Reflect On The Commitment Ruth Makes To Naomi

Part 15 - 06/18/10

The Impact Of Ruth’s Unconventional Promise To Her Mother-in-law, Naomi

Part 16 - 06/21/10

How Ruth’s commitment can reflect the marriage vows of a man and woman

Part 17 - 06/22/10

What Ruth’s commitment can show us about our commitment to Christ

Part 18 - 06/23/10

Find parallels for the Christian life from Ruth’s commitment to Naomi

Part 19 - 06/24/10

Discover how some commitments can change the course of our life

Part 20 - 06/25/10

Engage in a thoughtful discussion about taking our promises seriously

Part 21 - 06/28/10

Ruth’s profound commitment when she chooses to receive Naomi’s God as her own

Part 22 - 06/29/10

Ruth’s commitment to Naomi and the deep impact it would have on her life

Part 23 - 06/30/10

Ruth’s remarkable step of faith and trust

Part 24 - 07/01/10

God’s involvement in both good times, and bad

Part 25 - 07/02/10

Looking at Naomi’s life to find insight into dealing with tragedy

Part 26 - 07/05/10

God’s plan can emerge, even out of our lowest points of disappointment

Part 27 - 07/06/10

Finding hope that God can work mightily, even in the difficult seasons

Part 28 - 07/07/10

God’s good intentions can easily be misinterpreted when times are tough

Part 29 - 07/08/10

Bringing a colorful moment to life from the book of Ruth

Part 30 - 07/09/10

Important disciplines for understanding God’s Word

Part 31 - 07/12/10

Underlying reasons why Ruth chose to join Naomi in a foreign land

Part 32 - 07/13/10

Look at the life of Naomi and find hope, even in our darkest hour

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