Series God Is At Work—The Story of Ruth Part 3—A Strange Proposal

The Discover the Word group of Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan continues their study in the story of Ruth by looking at the part of it that raises some questions and some eyebrows. The lives of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz cross paths in tragic circumstances, and they make some rather unusual choices, which God ultimately honors and uses for good. Come join us for an unexpected engagement story that will help us consider some principles of decision making, as well as the ways in which God works in our own lives.

Dates September 14 - October 26, 2010
# of Programs 31
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
Text Ruth 3
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Part 1 - 09/14/10

Finding the balance between waiting patiently on the Lord, and taking action

Part 2 - 09/15/10

Is it ever right to do something wrong?

Part 3 - 09/16/10

Examine one passage in Ruth chapter three, and discover that things aren’t always as they seem

Part 4 - 09/17/10

Discover why it’s important to understand the culture in which a Bible passage is written

Part 5 - 09/20/10

Find powerful lessons for today, as we continue an in-depth look at the life of Ruth

Part 6 - 09/21/10

Look at an Old Testament marriage proposal with a twist!

Part 7 - 09/22/10

An unconventional marriage proposal and how God works in unexpected ways

Part 8 - 09/23/10

Loyal, selfless love and what it looks like in our own lives

Part 9 - 09/24/10

What it means to love others without using that love for your own gain

Part 10 - 09/27/10

When we study the biblical text in its cultural context we get a very different view

Part 11 - 09/28/10

A fascinating look at the unlikely love story in the book of Ruth

Part 12 - 09/29/10

Looking at the cost of integrity; is it worth the effort?

Part 13 - 09/30/10

Gain insight into what it means to love others, and to trust God

Part 14 - 10/01/10

A timely reminder on the importance of context in understanding Scripture

Part 15 - 10/04/10

Discover tools people use to help them make good decisions

Part 16 - 10/05/10

Is there something you’re up against, and you need to know which path to take?

Part 17 - 10/06/10

Look at Ruth’s life to see what courageous faith looks like when uncertainty stands in our way

Part 18 - 10/07/10

Let’s take a fresh look at Ruth chapter three, by examining the historical and cultural context

Part 19 - 10/08/10

The need for caution, so we don’t get wrapped up in assumptions that never materialize

Part 20 - 10/11/10

Let’s take an honest look at the expectations we have of God

Part 21 - 10/12/10

Discover how God intervenes in our lives

Part 22 - 10/13/10

Explore how God works in both the miraculous and the ordinary

Part 23 - 10/14/10

Does God intervene in more ways than just the miraculous?

Part 24 - 10/15/10

Let’s look at the life of the apostle Paul and find encouragement for getting through the tough days

Part 25 - 10/18/10

The Hebrew term “hesed” and what it means for our lives today

Part 26 - 10/19/10

Find practical life lessons for extending God’s faithful, loyal love to others

Part 27 - 10/20/10

Let’s look at examples of loyal love shown in practical, everyday situations

Part 28 - 10/21/10

A helpful discussion on godly character in a marriage relationship

Part 29 - 10/22/10

What it means to love your spouse over a lifetime

Part 30 - 10/25/10

Find practical insight for living the life of faith

Part 31 - 10/26/10

Are God’s gifts evident in your life?

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