Episode God With Us | Week 2

Few promises of the Bible offer more reassurance than when God says “I will never leave or forsake you.” Who among us doesn’t want to believe that God is still with us—now? Yes, we see evidence of God in the sky and stars. But here on the ground, we worry. Maybe that’s one reason God asked the huge family that he had rescued from Egypt to camp around His tent in the Wilderness of Sinai. From the outside, this Tent of God’s presence looked more like a portable Bedouin tent than “a house of God.” But on the inside, the detail, color, art, and symbolism spoke of mysteries and secrets, and . . . far more goodness than God was ready to reveal. And still today, even though so much has since been revealed, there’s so much for us to explore together. Please join us in discovering together what that tent in the wilderness says about "God With Us" . . . now.

Dates August 30-September 10, 2021
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, and Daniel Ryan Day
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Chapter 6

In the Garden of Eden, God walked with Adam and Eve. And ever since then, He’s been finding new ways to dwell with His creation! In this chapter, you’ll get a big-picture look at Scripture and God’s overall plan to dwell with us from Genesis to Revelation.

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Chapter 7

God is always with us—even though we can’t see Him! In this chapter, you’ll consider how the Tabernacle in the wilderness reminded the Israelites of God’s constant presence. What can remind you of God’s presence in your life?

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Chapter 8

In the wilderness, God gave the ancient Israelites a complex system of rules and sacrifices to follow. So what was the point? In this chapter, you’ll see how the Old Testament’s system of sacrifices ultimately points to Jesus.

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Chapter 9

The Bible tells us that God is good, holy, all-powerful, just, merciful, and so much more. So is it possible to fathom just how great He really is? In this chapter, you’ll explore the meaning of the phrase “the glory of God.”

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Chapter 10

After King David died, Solomon began constructing a magnificent temple for God. But was it really God’s desire to have an ornate temple in the first place? And if not, whose idea was it? In this chapter, you’ll discover the significance of transitioning from the Tabernacle to the Temple.

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At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, and Daniel Ryan Day
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