Series Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

A man born blind becomes a subject of both speculation and disdain—as we see him through the eyes of the disciples, his neighbors, his parents, the religious leaders, and, finally, Jesus. The man born in darkness finds healing and wholeness in the presence of the One who is the Light of the world.

Dates December 1-5, 2014
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder
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Part 1 - 12/01/14

Let’s look past our problems to focus on Jesus as our solution

We’re quick to look for a scapegoat when life falls apart. When trials and troubles come, we often speculate on all the reasons why. Join us for a brand-new series on John chapter 9.

Part 2 - 12/02/14

Lessons from the healing of a blind man

Scripture tells us that God often works in mysterious ways. Why we don’t need to know all the reasons to appreciate God’s amazing work.

Part 3 - 12/03/14

A challenge to change our perspective on those in need

Some saw him as a culprit to blame. Others viewed him as a mystery to solve. But the religious leaders saw the blind man in John chapter 9 as a problem to avoid! Do we view them as people to love or interruptions to ignore?

Part 4 - 12/04/14

Discover how fear can change the way we view those in need

Parents are supposed to want the best for their children. Let’s study a mom and dad who weren’t exactly happy about their son’s miraculous healing!

Part 5 - 12/05/14

Let’s take one final look at the blind man in John chapter 9, from the perspective of Jesus

In the dark, it’s hard to see anything clearly. It’s only when the light is turned on that everything comes into focus. Let’s take one final look at the blind man in John chapter 9,  from the perspective of Jesus, the Light of the World. See this passage with new eyes.

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