Series Living Out Your Baptism

Religious rituals and rites do not transform us if we are unable to understand their full meaning. A heart change is what leads us to transformation. Tracey Bianchi leads Mart DeHaan and Elisa Morgan in a look at Jesus’ baptism in Matthew 3. The focus of this 5 day study is not on how baptism should be performed or when, but on how true and lasting transformation comes from a change of life—from “living out our baptism.”

Dates October 13-17, 2014
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, and Tracey Bianchi
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Part 1 - 10/13/14

Discover why baptism is so special

Let’s begin a brand-new conversation on a puzzling Christian practice. We’ll look at Jesus’ own baptism for the answer.

Part 2 - 10/14/14

Embracing God’s transformative work in the traditions we practice

Baptism can be a powerful declaration of faith. But take God out of the equation, and baptism becomes simply an empty ritual. Gain a new perspective.

Part 3 - 10/15/14

How God wants to use us to further His kingdom

It’s hard to believe that a perfect God would use imperfect people to accomplish His plans. But it’s true!

Part 4 - 10/16/14

Discover how to live like sons and daughters of the King!

We may believe we’re cherished children of God. But do we live like it? Do you need to be reminded of your identity in Christ?

Part 5 - 10/17/14

Why baptism is more than an individual commitment, it’s a communal declaration!

Have you ever noticed that baptism is always a public event? You never hear of someone baptizing themselves in the bathtub!

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