Series Lost in the Crowd? Not to Jesus!

In Mark 8, we see one of two miracles recorded only in Mark’s gospel—the healing of a blind man. In it, we see the unusual circumstances of the healing, the unusual methods of the healing, and the unusual results of the healing. We also see something of the strategy used in presenting Jesus to His disciples as Israel’s Messiah.

Dates February 24-28, 2014
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder
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Part 1 - 20140226

A blind man’s interaction with Jesus, and the healing he found at Christ’s hands

Pain often takes us out of our comfort zone. But what if God’s answer to our problem lies in those unwanted places?

Part 2 - 02/24/14

Discover the comfort of the Savior in the midst of your struggle

Pain is an isolating emotion. When we hurt, it often feels like we hurt all alone. Let’s begin a new study that offers biblical encouragement in times of distress.

Part 3 - 02/25/14

How Jesus answered the prayer of a blind man in an unexpected way

Faced with a difficult problem, we analyze all the possible solutions and formulate how to achieve the best result. But God has a habit of working outside our confined expectations! We’re studying Mark chapter 8.

Part 4 - 02/27/14

Discover how God often works outside the box of predictability

Are you a person of routine? Do you find stability in established processes? More from our study in Mark chapter 8.

Part 5 - 02/28/14

Don’t miss the final message in a series on Mark chapter 8

Every day we add to the pages of our life story. Based on your actions today, what will your eventual biography reflect? Let’s take a cue from the story of a blind man’s encounter with Jesus to help us write our own narrative; one that points others to the Lord.

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