Episode Misreading Paul | Week 1

The Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien join “Discover the Word” to explore how and why the writings of the Apostle Paul are so often misunderstood. Many in our day find offense in who Paul was and what he wrote in the name of God. But then again, Paul offended both Roman and Jewish sensibilities in his own day too! Get a new set of lenses for looking at the apostle’s character, ministry, and teachings in this two-week series of conversations.

Dates November 7-18, 2022
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder and guests Randy Richards and Brandon O\'Brien
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Chapter 1

Sometimes we tend to view biblical heroes with rose-colored glasses and fail to see their faults or shortcomings. But sometimes we may be overly critical of them because we’re reading with our 21st-century eyes. In this chapter, you’ll join authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien to explore what is often perceived as the apostle Paul’s less-than-perfect behavior.

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Chapter 2

Most of us have favorite biblical characters, but we run the risk of misunderstanding them when we try to fit them into our 21st-century Western culture. In this chapter, you’ll continue to explore how to avoid misreading Paul.

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Chapter 3

When reading the Bible, trying to navigate the complex historical context in which it was written can be downright intimidating! In this chapter, you’ll discover some important perspectives that can keep you from misreading Scripture.

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Chapter 4

We know nobody is perfect except for God. But when you really admire somebody, it’s easy to gloss over their flaws. In this chapter, you’ll be challenged to wrestle with some of the apostle Paul’s shortcomings.

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Chapter 5

It’s easy to point fingers at someone’s behavior—until you understand the reasons behind it. In this chapter, you’ll explore how understanding the context of the apostle Paul’s actions will help you appreciate what he’s trying to say.

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