Episode Misreading Paul | Week 2

The Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien join “Discover the Word” to explore how and why the writings of the Apostle Paul are so often misunderstood. Many in our day find offense in who Paul was and what he wrote in the name of God. But then again, Paul offended both Roman and Jewish sensibilities in his own day too! Get a new set of lenses for looking at the apostle’s character, ministry, and teachings in this two-week series of conversations.

Dates November 7-18, 2022
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan Bill Crowder and guests Randy Richards and Brandon O\'Brien
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Chapter 6

One of the greatest issues in this historical moment is how to advance racial reconciliation. In this chapter, you’ll consider the challenges Paul faced in his cross-cultural life and ministry—and how his experiences and teachings can guide us today.

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Chapter 7

Slavery was rampant in ancient times. So why didn’t Jesus or the apostles ever speak out against it? In this chapter, you’ll explore the complex socio-economic system that existed in ancient Rome.

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Chapter 8

Jesus made a point of reaching out to women and including them in His ministry. But other parts of Scripture seem less friendly toward women. In this chapter, you’ll wrestle with what Paul said about women’s roles in church.

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Chapter 9

Knowing how to apply what we read in the Bible to our lives today is often the most difficult part of Bible study. In this chapter, you’ll learn to discern when Scripture’s application is meant to be universal and when it’s meant to be limited.

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Chapter 10

Just like any other historical document, context is important when reading the Bible. In this chapter, you’ll discover how you can approach Scripture as a discerning and knowledgeable reader.

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