Series Misunderstood Bible Passages

Have you ever been misquoted? Someone said you said something you didn’t? Or even worse, something you said was twisted to mean something you never intended? It’s frustrating, and it causes all sorts of problems. In this series of discussions, Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan take a look at a number of instances where the Bible has been misquoted or misapplied or misunderstood. Discover with them how to get more out of the time we spend reading or studying the Bible, and ultimately grow deeper in our faith.

Dates May 14-July 17, 2012
# of Programs 47
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 05/21/12

Discover fresh insight to familiar Bible passages

Part 2 - 05/14/12

Looking at some commonly misunderstood Bible passages

Part 3 - 05/15/12

Are you struggling to get a solid grasp on the Bible?

Part 4 - 05/16/12

Practical advice for reading through the Bible, and understanding it along the way!

Part 5 - 05/17/12

An insightful discussion on biblical truth, and how to apply it to our lives

Part 6 - 05/18/12

Let’s reveal the true hope behind this often misunderstood familiar verse in the Psalms

Part 7 - 05/22/12

Discover how a passage in the book of Numbers is still relevant for us today

Part 8 - 05/23/12

Discover how Hosea’s life mirrored God’s message to His people

Part 9 - 05/24/12

An intriguing dialogue about the history of Israel when the prophet Hosea came on the scene

Part 10 - 05/25/12

No matter what we’ve done; God will continue to pursue us with an everlasting love

Part 11 - 05/28/12

The benefit to using different translations when studying the Bible

Part 12 - 05/29/12

Practical tools to bring clarity to often misunderstood Bible passages

Part 13 - 05/30/12

Let’s look at what they call “hot passages” in the Bible

Part 14 - 05/31/12

Want to take your study of God’s Word to a deeper level?

Part 15 - 06/01/12

The steps laid out by Jesus, that lead to the restoration of a broken relationship

Part 16 - 06/04/12

Practical ways to repair a broken relationship

Part 17 - 06/05/12

Confronting someone who’s in the wrong

Part 18 - 06/06/12

Discover practical tools for restoring relationships

Part 19 - 06/07/12

Discussion on the delicate issue of reconciliation

Part 20 - 06/08/12

Practical advice on how to accurately interpret the Scriptures

Part 21 - 06/11/12

The dangers of misusing or even misquoting Scripture

Part 22 - 06/12/12

Are you looking to bring your grasp of the Bible to a new level?

Part 23 - 06/13/12

Understanding the biblical context surrounding a verse to avoid missing the point

Part 24 - 06/14/12

Focus on this encouraging verse in Scripture and discover the real power behind it!

Part 25 - 06/15/12

Insight and help for getting through good times, and bad

Part 26 - 06/18/12

Practical tools for getting the most out of your Bible study

Part 27 - 06/19/12

Discover how to get a deeper understanding of God’s Word

Part 28 - 06/20/12

Finding new meaning in a familiar Bible passage

Part 29 - 06/21/12

Let’s look at passage in Revelation where a church was falling far away from God and didn’t know it

Part 30 - 06/22/12

How to get the most out of reading God’s Word

Part 31 - 06/25/12

Looking at a familiar verse and how it’s a guide for daily living

Part 32 - 06/26/12

Let’s look at Proverbs chapter 22, verse 6, to find wisdom for parents

Part 33 - 06/27/12

Discover wisdom for raising children

Part 34 - 06/28/12

Gain wisdom from the book of Proverbs to help you during the difficult child-rearing years

Part 35 - 06/29/12

Do you think you need to love yourself in order to be able to love others?

Part 36 - 07/03/12

Putting our burdens down at the foot of the cross

Part 37 - 07/04/12

Let’s shed light on the controversial subject of submission

Part 38 - 07/05/12

Discovering what Ephesians chapter five says about submission

Part 39 - 07/06/12

Bringing clarity to the sensitive subject of submission in marriage

Part 40 - 07/09/12

A controversial text in Ephesians and an important message for your marriage

Part 41 - 07/10/12

Discover powerful truths in Scripture to strengthen your marriage

Part 42 - 07/11/12

Looking to the Bible for hope as we wrestle with the difficult subject of divorce

Part 43 - 07/13/12

Look at God’s ultimate design for marriage and find encouragement in the Scriptures

Part 44 - 07/16/12

Biblical wisdom and hope for struggling relationships

Part 45 - 07/17/12

How the church can support those dealing with abuse in the home

Part 46 - 07/02/12

Dealing with the important issue of forgiveness

Part 47 - 07/12/12

The difficult subject of abuse and how to break this dangerous cycle

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