Series Passion Mysteries

Strange dreams. Earthquakes. Open graves. The torn temple veil. These are just some of the mysteries that surrounded the events of Jesus’ passion—and they are important. As we approach the Easter season, we want to spend time reflecting on 5 passion mysteries found in the gospels—and see together what they can tell us about God and His love for us.

Dates March 29 - April 2, 2021
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder and Daniel Ryan Day
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Part 1 - 03/29/21

Do Dreams Have Any Significant Meaning?

Have you ever woken up from a dream that left a troubling feeling you just couldn’t shake? I think we often wonder if our dreams have any significant meaning. But today on Discover the Word, the team will look at an instance in Scripture where God clearly delivered a warning through a dream. Begin an Easter-week series of conversations called “Passion Mysteries,” today on Discover the Word!

Part 2 - 03/30/21

“Passion Mysteries”

In the summer of 2019, millions of people gathered outside to witness a total solar eclipse. But 2,000 years ago, people experienced an equally dramatic celestial event. Was it an eclipse? Today on Discover the Word, the team talks about the time when the sky went dark before Jesus’ death. Another “Passion Mystery,” today on Discover the Word!

Part 3 - 03/31/21

Do Natural Events Have Supernatural Meaning?

Whether it’s earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, every region has its natural disasters. But what if some of these natural events had supernatural meaning? Today on Discover the Word, we consider how the earth responded when Jesus gave up His life on the cross. Join us for another “Passion Mystery,” today on Discover the Word!

Part 4 - 04/01/21

What Restricts Our Access To God?

A locked gate or a passcode-protected door indicates areas of restricted access. And as you read the Old Testament, it’s pretty clear that there were things that restricted people’s access to God. Well, today on Discover the Word, we will talk about another “Passion Mystery” that is all about access. Join the group today, on Discover the Word!

Part 5 - 04/02/21

Jesus’ Resurrection And Others Who Were Raised To Life

Every year at Easter, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. But did you know that Jesus wasn’t the only one who had died who was later walking around the streets of Jerusalem! Today on Discover the Word, we will look at a fascinating moment recorded after Jesus’ death, when “the bodies of many holy people who had died were raised to life.” Tune in today for Discover the Word!

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