Paul Through Mediterranean Eyes

Let’s look at Paul’s letter to the Corinthians

Scripture applies to every generation and culture. But the words really come alive when we see them in their original context! Let's look at Paul’s letter to the Corinthians from the perspective of his original Middle Eastern audience.

Gain fresh understanding of the apostle Paul’s famous letter to the Corinthians

We know them as books of the Bible, but much of the New Testament is made up of letters to specific cities and churches! Let's survey the ancient city of Corinth.

Discover the detailed organization Paul put into his letter to the Corinthian church

As the author of the majority of the New Testament, the apostle Paul was one of the greatest theologians and writers in history! A fresh perspective on Scripture with special guest Ken Bailey.

Rediscover First Corinthians thirteen for your home

The famous “love” chapter found in First Corinthians thirteen is often used in wedding ceremonies as a model for the newly married couple. Discover how this well-known definition of love impacts more than just husbands and wives!

Let's turn to Paul’s letter to the Corinthians and explore what it means to show true, biblical love

I love my spouse and I love pizza, but if I were to tell my spouse my love for him/her equals my love for pizza, I’m in big trouble! An insightful look at First Corinthians thirteen.

Let's go back to the first century and see what it was like to hear the gospel for the first time

Unable to escape from the bondage of sin on our own, God sent His only Son to free us. It’s a transforming message that never gets old.

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