Series Praying the Psalms in Sorrow

Experienced author and Bible study leader Jean Syswerda joins the Discover the Word group to explore how the Psalms can minister to us in difficult times. Life’s tragic moments can make us wonder “where was God when this happened? Didn’t He care? Wasn’t He powerful enough to intervene?” Jean tells the group how, when she experienced the heartbreaking loss of a young granddaughter, she found strength and healing in Psalms. Explore 5 helpful psalms with Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan and Jean Syswerda.

Dates July 13-17, 2015
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, and Jean Syswerda
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Part 1 - 07/13/15

How do we survive heart-rending grief?

When we go through a dark night of the soul, it can feel like God has abandoned us, like He’s hiding from our troubles. Join us today with our special guest, Jean Syswerda, as we learn how to pray the psalms during times of pain.

Part 2 - 07/14/15

Trusting God when life turns upside down and sideways

Join us today as we talk about getting through grief and how the Bible gives hope when we find ourselves in the valley of the shadow of death. Don’t miss this important conversation!

Part 3 - 07/15/15

Finding our bearings when we feel forsaken by God

As strange as it seems, feeling forsaken by God is common to believers, but always painful. Join us today as we talk about finding our bearings by focusing on God’s faithful deliverance in the past. What can we learn by looking back?

Part 4 - 07/16/15

Strength and comfort in times of great sorrow

What is the psalm most frequently heard at funerals? You guessed it: Psalm 23. Today on “Discover the Word,” our special guest Jean Syswerda discusses how praying the psalms in our darkest hour can make a difference.

Part 5 - 07/17/15

Praying when crushed by sorrow

Long ago one believer wrote about God, saying, “He has broken my teeth with gravel.” These are stark words! Today on “Discover the Word,” our hosts and our special guest, Jean Syswerda, provide a frank and striking discussion about suffering and praying the psalms in sorrow.

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