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Troubles, trials, dangers, distress—all seem to be inherent to the human condition. The problem is that, for all our cleverness and ingenuity, we seem to be more skilled at making the situations of life worse than we are at making them better. So, then, how can we escape? The psalmist’s answer is clear—by looking to the God of rescue who alone can deliver us from the storms that swirl around us. This week, we want to reflect upon Psalm 107, where the psalmist sings “The Song of God’s Rescue”.

Dates February 22-26, 2021
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder and Daniel Ryan Day
Text Psalm 107
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Part 1 - 02/22/21

Finding Hope Despite Our Troubles

Ecclesiastes chapter 3 says, “To everything, there is a season.” A time to laugh and a time to weep. And today on Discover the Word, the team will talk about how we should respond when those times of trouble come. We can’t always avoid pain or hardship, but we can find hope despite our troubles! Join us today for Discover the Word!

Part 2 - 02/23/21

The Bible Assures Us Of God’s Long-Awaited Rescue

Sometimes we go through seasons of life where it feels like God is nowhere to be found. But the Bible assures us that’s not the case! Today on Discover the Word, we will look at the scope of God’s plan for Israel, from their days of exile to God’s long-awaited rescue. Take a seat at the table, today for Discover the Word!

Part 3 - 02/24/21

Rejoicing In Our Spiritual Freedom

The evil practice of slavery goes back thousands of years. Even today, millions of people are abused and exploited with no means of escape. But today on Discover the Word, the team will rejoice in the spiritual freedom we can have because of Jesus, regardless of our physical circumstances. Join us for the series, “God’s Rescue,” today on Discover the Word!

Part 4 - 02/25/21

Discover The Truth Of God’s Help And Rescue

Death and sickness are a harsh reality of the world we live in, a truth that’s perhaps more apparent now than ever before in our lifetime. But today on Discover the Word, the team will contrast the pain of physical illness, with the hope of God’s help and rescue. Be listening today for Discover the Word!

Part 5 - 02/26/21

The Psalms Bring Us Hope And Encouragement

On rare occasions, life can be smooth and easy. But more often than not, the storms of life seem to keep crashing in with no relief in sight. Today on Discover the Word, the team turns to Psalm 107 for hope and encouragement when facing life’s storms. Hear another conversation from the series, “God’s Rescue,” today on Discover the Word!

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