Series Pure Religion

Although the idea of “religion” is viewed negatively by almost everyone today, Denver Seminary president Mark Young helps us understand why the New Testament book of James urges us to practice “pure and undefiled religion.” Join Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, and Mark Young around the table for a series of 5 conversations about how the “religion” James is talking about is really our faith being lived out in every area of life.

Dates May 18-22, 2015
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, and Mark Young
Text James 1
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Part 1 - 05/18/15

What does it means to be “religious”?

Religion has gotten a bad rap. The word invokes pictures of stale institutions rather than dynamic relationships. But today on “Discover the Word,” our special guest Mark Young leads us in a discussion that redefines the word “religion.”

Part 2 - 05/19/15

What is “pure religion”?

Sometimes religion can go bad. It can look good on the outside, but inside it’s rotten! Through the conversation today, we can discover that “pure religion” is when your life matches your beliefs. Listen in to learn more!

Part 3 - 05/20/15

The greater purpose our trials serve

Life is full of trials. Some are small frustrations and others are painful roadblocks. On our program today, our special guest Mark Young explains how our trials help us see God better. Join us today and learn how to look past the pain!

Part 4 - 05/21/15

What we need most when our faith is tested

When painful trials put your faith to the test, what is the one thing you need most? Join our special guest, Mark Young, on “Discover the Word” as we discuss why God’s wisdom is essential in trying times.

Part 5 - 05/22/15

How real religion helps us survive tough times

In the book of James, we find a radical definition of religion. True religion is not simply knowing about God, but rather, trusting in God. Join us today on “Discover the Word” as we conclude our series on “Pure Religion.”

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