Series Shine—I Can Evangelism

Most of us are more than willing to share the love we have personally experienced in our relationship with Jesus. But how? We imagine scary scenes of evangelism and tons of I Can’ts pop into our minds. But just one tiny light changes the very nature of darkness when we choose to shine in our every day living before others. “Shining” means moving from the I Can’ts to the I Cans of sharing our faith.

Dates September 8 - October 3, 2014
# of Programs 20
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder
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Part 1 - 09/08/14

Discover your God-given potential

Typically, we consider evangelists to be super-Christians. They’re the ones leading thousands to faith in stadiums or traveling across the world to share the gospel. How every believer is gifted to be a successful evangelist.

Part 2 - 09/09/14

How we all can shine the light of Christ!

A spotlight can illuminate a stadium. A flashlight may only brighten a small patch of ground. But regardless of the scope or magnitude, both still light up the darkness! Let’s discuss how there may be varying degrees of giftedness, but we all can shine the light of Christ!

Part 3 - 09/10/14

Taking some of the fear out of evangelism

One of the biggest worries about sharing our faith is the other person’s reaction—what if they completely reject what we’re saying? We’ll learn that salvation is ultimately not up to us.

Part 4 - 09/11/14

Discover why the least likely people are the ones who need to hear from you the most!

Ever ran across a neighbor, a co-worker, or an acquaintance and thought, “No way they’d be interested in hearing about Jesus!” Let’s share some personal stories that will encourage us to take a second look at the people around us.

Part 5 - 09/12/14

Using our testimonies to share the love and grace of God with others

You can argue over facts, figures, and viewpoints. But it’s tough to debate a personal story! Learn how to “shine” for Christ.

Part 6 - 09/15/14

Calming our fears about evangelism

When it comes to sharing our faith, sometimes we’re hesitant to even start the conversation. What if we’re asked a question we can’t answer? We may not be able to offer every solution, but we can point others to the ultimate Answer!

Part 7 - 09/16/14

How understanding the progression of faith helps us lead others down that same path!

When is the exact moment a person becomes a Christian? Is it after they say a prayer? After baptism? Or is being a follower of Jesus a lifelong journey? Let’s discuss the process of becoming a Christian.

Part 8 - 09/17/14

Seeing a needy world in a new way

The actions and attitudes of an unbelieving world can be shocking at times. The behavior of unbelievers shouldn’t surprise us. God doesn’t ask people to behave in order to belong.

Part 9 - 09/18/14

Discover the power of friendship

God calls all of us to share the gospel. Thankfully, we don’t have to go to seminary, stand on the street corner, or fill stadiums in order to answer that call! Let’s discuss a simple way of reaching others for Christ.

Part 10 - 09/19/14

Find out how our personal vulnerability makes the gospel attractive

Do you feel unqualified to share your faith? Feel like your weaknesses and flaws prohibit you from evangelism? If that’s the way you feel, you’re exactly the person God can use!

Part 11 - 09/22/14

A powerful way for parents to share their faith with their children

Mom and Dad, do you realize God’s given you a personal mission field? It’s those people living under your roof! Our series on evangelism continues.

Part 12 - 09/23/14

How to build a bridge into someone else’s world, and bring the hope of Jesus to them

It’s not uncommon to find walls erected around someone’s heart. These barriers make reaching people with the love of God a bit more difficult. A timely message of hope from the group.

Part 13 - 09/24/14

When it comes to sharing the gospel, we never work alone

How many Christians does it take to lead someone else to Christ? The answer is more than one! Be here for an encouraging conversation about sharing the gospel.

Part 14 - 09/25/14

A guilt-free look at evangelism

This world can be a very dark place. But it’s in the shadows that Christians can shine the brightest! “Shine” for Christ, regardless of how strong or weak our light may be.

Part 15 - 09/26/14

A powerful way to share the gospel, without even saying a word

It’s been said, “Preach the gospel always. If necessary, use words.” We’re talking about shining the light of Jesus.

Part 16 - 09/29/14

How embracing doubt can actually lead people to embrace the Savior!

When telling others about Christ, we often try to remove all uncertainty from their minds. We believe that doubt prevents people from coming to faith. Our series on evangelism continues.

Part 17 - 09/30/14

One of the most important ways God reveals Himself to us, and to others

Our days are often crammed with tasks, errands, and the routine responsibilities that have to get done. Let’s leave a little room in our lives to experience wonder!

Part 18 - 10/01/14

What seems impossible to us is not impossible with God!

Have you ever prayed that a loved one would come to know Jesus, only to see that person move farther and farther away from God? Be encouraged to keep praying, and sharing the Savior.

Part 19 - 10/02/14

Faithfully delivering the good news, and leaving the results up to God

Sharing our faith doesn’t always go as planned. We’d like to see someone accept Jesus the moment we present the gospel. But that’s not always the case.

Part 20 - 10/03/14

Living the gospel, so that others can see Christ

Sweaty palms and a knot in the stomach. That’s the reaction many of us have when it comes to sharing our faith. Let’s take the fear and worry out of evangelism. We don’t need to shout the gospel from the street corner to be a powerful witness.

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