Series The Daily Life of Faith

The Bible teaches us that God will often use difficulties, trials, and suffering as a catalyst to our spiritual maturity. But rather than having a strengthening effect on our faith, these pressures can easily discourage, enrage and even embitter us toward God. How do you view life’s struggles? Author, pastor, and professor Sid Buzzell leads Mart DeHaan and Elisa Morgan in a series of 5 perspective-shaping conversations based in James chapter 1.

Dates August 25-29, 2014
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, and Sid Buzzell
Text James 1
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Part 1 - 08/25/14

A thoughtful conversation about faith and how it influences what we think and how we respond to life’s challenges

What is faith? Is it something we believe, or something we live? Let’s answer those questions in a study of James, chapter 1. Join in this thoughtful conversation about faith.

Part 2 - 08/26/14

How our faith is seen more in the small, daily battles, than in the big events we face

The Bible is full of stories of how faith enabled ordinary people to defeat giants, survive a den of lions, and move mountains. A conversation on James, chapter 1.

Part 3 - 08/27/14

Discover answers for dealing with life’s challenges in James 1

Is there a difference between a “trial” and a “temptation”? Let’s explore James 1 for answers on dealing with life’s challenges. We’ll find that our response to those challenges makes all the difference!

Part 4 - 08/28/14

How we’ll never know faith works, until it’s put to the test!

That summertime hammock may look sturdy and well constructed. But it’s not until we commit to laying down that we find out if it can hold us up! Another helpful study in James, chapter 1.

Part 5 - 08/29/14

Let’s discover the purpose behind trials of faith, and conclude our series in James chapter 1

God doesn’t allow us to go through trials and temptations just to see us squirm. There’s a reason and goal behind every challenge we face. It’s an inspiring message to help us hang on and stay the course.

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