Episode The Impact of Place | Week 3

Explore the importance of “where” with Bible geography expert Dr. Jack Beck. Jack is convinced that location almost always shapes our understanding of an event, and so for that reason, God speaks geographically. The Bible has geography on virtually every page. Discover with the group why geography is not just trivia, it is an essential element of God's communication with us. Dr. Jack Beck continues to open our eyes to how critical and meaningful geography is in the Scriptures as he returns to the Discover the Word table for “The Impact of Place—Part 2.”

Dates June 21-25, 2021
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day, and guest Dr. Jack Beck
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Chapter 11

Geographical references exist all throughout Scripture—and they’re more than just interesting pieces of trivia! In this chapter, you’ll discover why the geographical location where Abraham’s wife Sarah died is significant.

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Chapter 12

Every land in the Bible has a unique character and personality. And when we understand where things take place, it helps us better understand why they happened. In this chapter, you’ll explore the meaningful location where one of Joshua’s miraculous battles took place.

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Chapter 13

The story of David and Goliath is likely one you’ve heard many times. But have you ever stopped and considered the importance of where it takes place? In this chapter, you’ll see how the geographical location of David and Goliath’s showdown sheds new light on this familiar Bible passage.

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Chapter 14

If you read the Bible long enough, you begin to realize that major events tend to occur in a few key places. And that’s no coincidence! In this chapter, you’ll discover the significance of where King Josiah chose to take his last stand against the Egyptian army.

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Chapter 15

Much as it is today, the city of Jerusalem has always been at the center of world events. So it’s no surprise that Jerusalem is the most commonly mentioned city in all of Scripture. In this chapter, you’ll uncover the significance of Jerusalem and consider why God chose this place to be Israel’s capital.

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