Series The Lord's Prayer - Talking to the Father About the Family

In this series of conversations, Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan take a careful look at the second part of the Lord’s Prayer contained in Matthew 6, and consider how to talk with the Father about provision, pardon, and protection of the family. What can we learn from Jesus’ blueprint for prayer about how to interact with other Christians? The Lord's Prayer part two: talking to the Father about the Family.

Dates January 2 - March 27, 2013
# of Programs 61
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 01/02/13

Enjoy a musical theme to the Lord’s Prayer that brings Jesus’ words to life

Part 2 - 01/03/13

Discover that the Lord still cares about providing for His children today

Part 3 - 01/04/13

Finding the implications of Jesus’ prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread”

Part 4 - 01/07/13

Personal experiences of God meeting us in our deepest need

Part 5 - 01/08/13

Tangible ways followers of God can respond to the needs in their community

Part 6 - 01/09/13

Find evidence in Scripture of God’s care for His people

Part 7 - 01/10/13

What Jesus meant when He said “Give us this day our daily bread”

Part 8 - 01/11/13

Discover the importance of community in the Lord’s Prayer

Part 9 - 01/14/13

How the Lord’s Prayer impacts our lives both when we’re in need, and when we have plenty

Part 10 - 01/15/13

Discover what our responsibility is for the “daily bread” we have

Part 11 - 01/16/13

Let’s look at the ways God provides for His people today

Part 12 - 01/17/13

How Jesus lived out the Lord’s Prayer and how we can follow in His footsteps

Part 13 - 01/18/13

Gain a better understanding of what sin really is

Part 14 - 01/21/13

Look at what the Lord’s Prayer has to say about the issue of sin and its remedy

Part 15 - 01/22/13

Let’s discuss the one debt we can escape from the right now

Part 16 - 01/23/13

An eye-opening study on Jesus’ uncommon instruction for forgiveness found in the Lord’s Prayer

Part 17 - 01/24/13

Another in-depth study of the Lord’s Prayer

Part 18 - 01/25/13

What did Jesus mean when he said, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors”?

Part 19 - 01/28/13

Discover why forgiveness is so critical

Part 20 - 01/29/13

Find out why withholding forgiveness actually hurts us!

Part 21 - 01/30/13

Gain a fresh perspective on forgiveness

Part 22 - 01/31/13

Discover the biblical keys to releasing personal pain and moving toward forgiveness

Part 23 - 02/01/13

Let’s turn to Psalm 51 for direction on how to seek forgiveness from God and others

Part 24 - 02/04/13

Finding healing for a remorseful heart

Part 25 - 02/05/13

Is forgiveness really that easy?

Part 26 - 02/06/13

An eye-opening discussion on forgiveness

Part 27 - 02/07/13

Finding peace by living the Lord’s Prayer

Part 28 - 02/08/13

Looking at the dangers of an unforgiving attitude

Part 29 - 02/11/13

Discover how to sincerely offer grace when faced with deep hurt

Part 30 - 02/12/13

How to overcome an unforgiving spirit

Part 31 - 02/13/13

Discover vital principles on extending forgiveness

Part 32 - 02/14/13

An insightful look into the Lord’s Prayer and our attitude on forgiveness

Part 33 - 02/15/13

Looking at the Lord’s Prayer and the boundary lines God has set for our lives

Part 34 - 02/18/13

Let’s look at the metaphor of debt found in the Lord’s Prayer

Part 35 - 02/19/13

Consider why Jesus chose the words “debt,” “trespasses,” and “sin” when giving us the Lord’s Prayer

Part 36 - 02/20/13

Discover how the Lord’s Prayer can be used in community

Part 37 - 02/21/13

An in-depth look at the Lord’s Prayer and community

Part 38 - 02/22/13

Reflecting on Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan

Part 39 - 02/25/13

Let’s take a fresh look at “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us”

Part 40 - 02/26/13

Discover exactly what it means to offer and receive forgiveness

Part 41 - 02/27/13

How can we offer forgiveness when we just don’t feel like it?

Part 42 - 02/28/13

Is there a connection to needing bread for our body to survive, and needing forgiveness for our soul?

Part 43 - 03/01/13

A story about sin, fairness, and grace

Part 44 - 03/04/13

How an appropriate view of our own sin changes how we respond to those who sin against us

Part 45 - 03/05/13

Why an attitude of forgiveness is so important for your relationships

Part 46 - 03/06/13

An encouraging story you don’t want to miss

Part 47 - 03/07/13

A meaningful conversation on what to do when you’ve forgiven but can’t forget

Part 48 - 03/08/13

A biblical look at a puzzling passage

Part 49 - 03/11/13

Discover what it means to pray, “Lead us not into temptation”

Part 50 - 03/12/13

Find helpful tips for enhancing our own communication with God

Part 51 - 03/13/13

Let’s investigate the character and strategy of our spiritual enemy

Part 52 - 03/14/13

Take a practical look at dealing with temptation

Part 53 - 03/15/13

An insightful study on Jesus’ words, “Lead us not into temptation”

Part 54 - 03/18/13

The importance of praying “Lead us not into temptation”

Part 55 - 03/19/13

Discover our enemy’s age-old schemes, so we won’t fall for them anymore!

Part 56 - 03/20/13

Discover who’s really behind the sin that so easily entangles us

Part 57 - 03/21/13

Let’s explore the tools we need to win the battle against our spiritual foes

Part 58 - 03/22/13

Discover why “Amen” is so important, as we wrap up our series on the Lord’s Prayer

Part 59 - 03/25/13

Discover the power of an “Amen”

Part 60 - 03/26/13

What can we learn from Jesus’ model for prayer?

Part 61 - 03/27/13

Turn to the Lord’s Prayer and discover how to communicate with God

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