Series The Place of Testing

“Growth and maturity come only with the passing of time and in the presence of struggle.” Do you buy that? Explore with Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, and longtime pastor Torrey Robinson why the New Testament writer James can say that wise people learn not to dread, but to welcome problems and actually welcome the pain of problems because of what they produce. It’s a perspective shaping week with former Discover the Word group member Haddon Robinson’s son, Torrey.

Dates July 20-24, 2015
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, and Torrey Robinson
Text James 1
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Part 1 - 07/20/15

The most common tool God uses to build our faith

As Christians, we want to become more like Jesus. And if we’re honest, we’d like that process to be an easy one. Our special guest Torrey Robinson reminds us that struggle is the most common tool the Lord uses to build our faith. Join us for an encouraging conversation coming up in James chapter one.

Part 2 - 07/21/15

How God causes us to produce good fruit

Some grapevines need to experience stress to develop good grapes, and the same principle can be applied to the trials we have in our own lives. The unwelcome stress and struggle may be God’s way of pruning you to produce fruit. Don’t miss this conversation on “Discover the Word.”

Part 3 - 07/22/15

The not-so-secret ingredient to gain quality of life

The notion of living an abundant life in Christ beckons all of us. But how do we get the kind of life Jesus wants to give us? Today a continuation of our study in James will reveal the not-so-secret ingredient. It’s a discussion you don’t want to miss!

Part 4 - 07/23/15

Is living by faith a waste of time?

A life of faith means we may not see the results right away, or even in our lifetime. Today on “Discover the Word,” our hosts and our special guest Torrey Robinson talk about faith and trials. Is it worth it? You bet it is!

Part 5 - 07/24/15

The battlefield of faith in both poverty and wealth

They say that life is a matter of perspective, and it takes a strong mind to stay faithful. As you go through tough times, where do you set your thoughts?

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