Series The Promises of Marriage

As part of their study of the 7th of The Ten Commandments, the Discover the Word group turns the negative of “you shall not commit adultery” into a positive discussion of what the Bible says about building up and strengthening marriages. Join Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan as they look at the significance of the wedding vows and what it means to be in a covenant relationship; explore with them a memorable image that shows how to get to the level of intimacy we all crave in marriage; and listen as they offer practical advice on how to grow through conflict.

Dates June 18 - August 15, 2007
# of Programs 43
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 06/18/07

Looking For Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage?

Part 2 - 06/19/07

Hope For Even The Most Tenuous Marriage Relationships

Part 3 - 06/20/07

The Importance Of Marriage Vows

Part 4 - 06/21/07

What It Means To Really Commit To Your Spouse

Part 5 - 06/22/07

What Makes A Lasting Marriage?

Part 6 - 06/25/07

God’s Plan For Marriage And How To Safeguard Your Relationship

Part 7 - 06/26/07

Biblical Encouragement And Advice For Your Marriage

Part 8 - 06/27/07

Marriage Is More Than A Legal Contract . . . It’s A Covenant Relationship

Part 9 - 06/28/07

A Discussion On The Covenant Relationship God Planned For Your Marriage

Part 10 - 06/29/07

What The Bible Says About Marriage . . . And How To Make It Work!

Part 11 - 07/02/07

Practical Advice For Keeping Your Marriage Safe From The Storm

Part 12 - 07/03/07

Encouragement To Those Struggling In Their Marriage

Part 13 - 07/04/07

There’s A Little Prodigal In All Of Us Running Away From God And Trying To Make It On Our Own

Part 14 - 07/05/07

What Commitment In Marriage Is All About

Part 15 - 07/06/07

The True Meaning Of Commitment

Part 16 - 07/09/07

What Makes A Marriage Last After The Honeymoon Is Over?

Part 17 - 07/10/07

What Love Means In A Healthy Marriage

Part 18 - 07/11/07

How Agape Love Sustains A Marriage During The Most Difficult Seasons

Part 19 - 07/12/07

What Grace Looks Like In Relationships With Those We Love

Part 20 - 07/13/07

A Whole New Perspective On Intimacy In Marriage

Part 21 - 07/16/07

What Grace In Marriage Looks Like

Part 22 - 07/17/07

A Biblical Definition Of Service And How It Applies To All Our Relationships, Especially Those In The Home

Part 23 - 07/18/07

A Look At Key Ingredients To Deepening Your Marriage

Part 24 - 07/19/07

The Principle Of Submission Is Widely Misunderstood, And Often Manipulated

Part 25 - 07/20/07

Practical Ways To Build Up Your Mate

Part 26 - 07/23/07

A Lively Discussion About The Human Desire To Be Loved And Understood

Part 27 - 07/24/07

A Challenge To Look At Intimacy In Marriage A New Way

Part 28 - 07/25/07

Ways To Cultivate An Intimate, Meaningful Relationship With Your Spouse

Part 29 - 07/26/07

Hot Topics That Start Quarrels Among Couples

Part 30 - 07/27/07

Ways To Resolve Disagreements In A Healthy, Positive Way

Part 31 - 07/30/07

Communicating, Especially In Times Of Conflict, Is Key To Developing A Close, Intimate Relationship

Part 32 - 07/31/07

Ways To Break Through Disagreements And Get To The Heart Of The Matter

Part 33 - 08/01/07

Challenges We Face In Sharing Our Heart With Others

Part 34 - 08/02/07

Practical Ways To Handle Those Touchy Situations At Home

Part 35 - 08/03/07

Practical Tools To Get Through Those Tough Conversations

Part 36 - 08/06/07

The Dangers Of Avoiding Conflict In Marriage

Part 37 - 08/07/07

Better Solutions To Resolving Disagreements

Part 38 - 08/08/07

Sound, Biblical Advice To Resolving Disagreements In Your Marriage

Part 39 - 08/09/07

Practical Advice On How To Resolve Differences In A Productive Way

Part 40 - 08/10/07

An Insightful Dialogue On Building Up Relationships

Part 41 - 08/13/07

How To Cultivate Your Marriage . . . Through Good Times And Bad

Part 42 - 08/14/07

Find Out How To Safeguard Your Marriage Relationship

Part 43 - 08/15/07

An Intimate Relationship That Stands The Test Of Time And Trials

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