The Purpose of the Ten Commandments

An insightful study on the Ten Commandments and the role it plays in our lives

The Ten Commandments were given to a people and a culture bound to follow Old Testament law. So do those ancient rules have any application in our lives today?

A biblical perspective on the purpose of the Law

The Bible declares we’re saved by the free gift of grace. In light of Jesus’ sacrifice, no amount of obedience to the Law can ever make us right with God! Let's examine the importance of the Ten Commandments in light of salvation.

Discover how the Great Physician uses the Law to diagnose and heal our sin

Though an x-ray can reveal what’s broken inside us, we still need the skilled hand of a surgeon to repair internal damage. It’s a spiritual check-up.

Let’s take a panoramic view of the Law and its place in our salvation

On the surface, the rules and regulations of the Old Testament may seem rigid and impractical. But seen in a larger context, they’re actually part of God’s perfect design! Let's take a fresh perspective on the Ten Commandments.

How the Ten Commandments point us to Christ

Some may think the Ten Commandments are archaic rules that don’t apply to our lives today. Discover how the commandments are an integral part of the bigger picture of God’s work through history, and ultimately point us to Christ.

Discover how the Ten Commandments play into God’s plan of salvation

In light of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, it’s easy to assume the Ten Commandments don’t apply to us today. Let's look at the apostle Paul’s treatise on the balance between law and grace, and find that the commandments play a vital role in God’s plan of salvation. A study of Romans 7.

Discover what the apostle Paul said about the Law

No matter our age, rules and regulations have an uncanny way of making rebels out of the best of us. Do you think it's true, the more we’re told not to do something, the more we want to do it? An interesting study of the Ten Commandments.

How a study of the Ten Commandments can reveal sin, and lead us to freedom in Christ

The annual visit to the doctor’s office can be an unpleasant experience. But that check-up could be the very thing that saves our life!

Find out how the Ten Commandments can offer us true freedom

According to the “Discover the Word” team, sin is a desire to be free from God. Let's study the Ten Commandments and discover that instead of restricting us, they actually offer us true freedom.

Discover how temptation is really a choice, to either love God or to go against Him

Cornered with an enticing temptation, and seeing no way out, it’s easy to believe that giving in is the only option. Another interesting study on the role of the Ten Commandments.

An eye-opening conversation about the Devil and his schemes

Temptation is often cloaked in goodness, enticing us to accept its siren call without regard to the consequences. Let's look at how Satan uses temptations to cause us to turn away from God.

Discover Satan’s role in temptation, and how to avoid being drawn into his snare

Behind our political, economic, and social structures is another system at work in the world that has more control than we realize. It’s spiritual in nature and evil in purpose.

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