Series The Purpose of the Ten Commandments

We all think we are familiar with the Ten Commandments. But how many can you actually name? Can you even come close to listing all 10? And is it possible to keep them? In this series of conversations, Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan take a wide angle, panoramic view of where the Ten Commandments are in the picture of history. Do they still have meaning in our modern lives? Pull up a chair and explore the value and purpose of the Ten Commandments for Christians today with the Discover the Word group.

Dates April 26 - May 31, 2013
# of Programs 26
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 04/26/13

An insightful study on the Ten Commandments and the role it plays in our lives

Part 2 - 04/29/13

A biblical perspective on the purpose of the Law

Part 3 - 04/30/13

Discover how the Great Physician uses the Law to diagnose and heal our sin

Part 4 - 05/01/13

Let’s take a panoramic view of the Law and its place in our salvation

Part 5 - 05/02/13

How the Ten Commandments point us to Christ

Part 6 - 05/03/13

Discover how the Ten Commandments play into God’s plan of salvation

Part 7 - 05/06/13

Discover what the apostle Paul said about the Law

Part 8 - 05/07/13

How a study of the Ten Commandments can reveal sin, and lead us to freedom in Christ

Part 9 - 05/08/13

Find out how the Ten Commandments can offer us true freedom

Part 10 - 05/09/13

Discover how temptation is really a choice, to either love God or to go against Him

Part 11 - 05/10/13

An eye-opening conversation about the Devil and his schemes

Part 12 - 05/13/13

Discover Satan’s role in temptation, and how to avoid being drawn into his snare

Part 13 - 05/14/13

How a distorted view of the Law can impact our understanding of God

Part 14 - 05/15/13

God’s commands are His way of protecting His children

Part 15 - 05/16/13

Old Testament Law in the life of New Testament Christians

Part 16 - 05/17/13

Discover how the Ten Commandments point us in the direction of the Savior

Part 17 - 05/20/13

Is God’s Law a standard that can’t be met, or a goal worth striving toward?

Part 18 - 05/21/13

Discover the priority and goal of the Ten Commandments

Part 19 - 05/22/13

Discover the difference between living by the spirit of the Law and the letter of the Law

Part 20 - 05/23/13

Discover what the Law can, and cannot do

Part 21 - 05/24/13

Find out why the spirit of the Law is so critical, and why the letter of the Law isn’t enough by itself

Part 22 - 05/27/13

Looking at how Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan leaves little space for interpretation

Part 23 - 05/28/13

A fresh perspective on the story of the Good Samaritan

Part 24 - 05/29/13

What it means to live by the spirit of the Law

Part 25 - 05/30/13

Practical ways to follow the example of the Good Samaritan, and be good stewards of our time and resources

Part 26 - 05/31/13

How to listen to God’s Word in a fresh way

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