Episode The Reveal--Reading Revelation

We all have an interest in knowing what the future holds, don't we? So, if I were to ask you, what book of the Bible is all about what the future is going to be like, which book would you say? Most of us would say, the last book of the Bible--Revelation. But have you ever read or studied or heard sermons about Revelation? Did you find it difficult to understand? Well, this week on Discover the Word, New Testament scholar Dr. David Mathewson joins the group to talk about what the book of Revelation is revealing, and how we can read this fascinating section of Scripture.

Dates September 19-23, 2022
At The Table Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, Daniel Ryan Day and guest David Matthewson
Text Revelation
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Chapter 1

What images come to mind when you think about Jesus? Do you picture His eyes like blazing fire, a double-edged sword coming out of His mouth—or a lamb? In this chapter, you’ll join special guest and New Testament teacher Dr. David Matthewson in deciphering the vivid imagery used to describe Jesus in the book of Revelation and discover how these pictures help us understand more about Christ.

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Chapter 2

Have you ever wondered what we’ll be doing for all eternity? In Revelation, the Scripture reveals that worship will be a big part of it! In this chapter, you’ll open to the book of Revelation to see what worship looks like in the future and why it matters today!

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Chapter 3

If you’ve ever tried to read Revelation, you’ve probably encountered the unusual symbols and strange imagery that John recorded from his vision. But what does it all mean? In this chapter, you’ll make sense of what John saw and what these symbols mean.

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Chapter 4

The description of a prostitute called “Babylon the Great,” seducing the nations of the world, is one of the most harrowing images recorded in the book of Revelation. But what does the ancient city of Babylon have to do with us? In this chapter, you’ll discover why the warning to those living in Babylon applies to Christians today.

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Chapter 5

The Bible tells us that God will create a new heaven and a new earth. And the book of Revelation gives us a tantalizing sneak peek! In this chapter, you’ll peer into the future, as described in Revelation, and learn what the new heaven and earth will be like!

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Text Psalm 62
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