Series The Rich Man and Lazarus

Discover the Word's Haddon Robinson says that one of the amazing things about Jesus' parables is that we can see ourselves in these classic stories. In this series of conversations Haddon, Alice Mathews, and Mart DeHaan explore the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus--one of Jesus’ most familiar stories. In it He talks about a startling switch that a wealthy man and a poor beggar experience after they die. Appearances can be deceiving! So, which character are you in the parable? Join the Discover the Word group at the table as they make a surprising discovery of who Jesus meant for us to identify with.

Dates August 18 - September 24, 2008
# of Programs 28
At The Table Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews, Mart DeHaan
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Part 1 - 08/18/08

A Thought-provoking Presentation On A Familiar Parable Of Jesus

Part 2 - 08/19/08

Find Out How The Scriptures Should Impact Our Lives Each Day

Part 3 - 08/20/08

When You See Someone In Need, Do You Come To Their Rescue, Or Turn The Other Way?

Part 4 - 08/21/08

A Lively Discussion About Heaven And Hell, And How Our Decisions Impact Our Future

Part 5 - 08/22/08

Discover How A Single Life-altering Decision Determines Our Eternal Home

Part 6 - 08/25/08

A Serious Discussion About What Determines Our Eternal Home

Part 7 - 08/26/08

Grappling With The Truth That You Can’t Serve Two Masters

Part 8 - 08/27/08

Developing A Heart And Attitude That Honors God

Part 9 - 08/28/08

Are You Putting Too Much Stock In What Others Think Of You?

Part 10 - 08/29/08

What Do You Do When You See Someone The World Considers An Outcast?

Part 11 - 09/01/08

Discover What The Bible Says About Heaven And Hell

Part 12 - 09/02/08

What It Takes And Doesn’t Take To Get Into Heaven

Part 13 - 09/03/08

Let’s Take A Look At Life After Death And Our Power To Choose

Part 14 - 09/04/08

Rediscover The Powerful Truths Presented In Scripture

Part 15 - 09/05/08

Discover The Importance Of Taking God’s Word To Heart

Part 16 - 09/08/08

Will You Follow God, Or Turn Your Back On Him?

Part 17 - 09/09/08

Letting The Scriptures Change Our Actions And Attitudes

Part 18 - 09/10/08

Looking To God’s Word For Guidance On Putting Spiritual Things Over Material Things

Part 19 - 09/11/08

The Differences Between Material And Spiritual Wealth And Sharing Our Riches With Others

Part 20 - 09/12/08

Investing In Things That Have Eternal Value

Part 21 - 09/15/08

The Biblical Road Map That Leads To Life Beyond The Grave

Part 22 - 09/16/08

What Jesus Says About Heaven And Hell And What That Means For Us

Part 23 - 09/17/08

How The Choices We Make Each Day Define Our Life Now, And For Eternity

Part 24 - 09/18/08

Discover The Connection Between Poverty And The Kingdom Of Heaven

Part 25 - 09/19/08

Discover A New Perspective On Wealth

Part 26 - 09/22/08

Can Jesus’ Words To The Rich Man Really Be For Us?

Part 27 - 09/23/08

Discover A New Perspective On God’s Grace

Part 28 - 09/24/08

Enjoy An Inspirational Day Devoted To Scripture

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