Series The Story of Two Sons

The glory of the mountain of Jesus’ transfiguration is quickly confronted by the valley of the forces of darkness. Two sons—the Son of God, authenticated by His Father, and a demon-possessed boy desperately grieved by his father—meet in the valley to show God’s compassion for the hurting and His light for their darkness.

Dates June 9-13, 2014
# of Programs 5
At The Table Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder
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Part 1 - 06/09/14

Let’s turn to God’s Word for some insight on what makes a good dad

Being a dad is a tough job. It seems everyone has a different opinion on what qualities make up a good father. Hear a study in Mark chapter 9.

Part 2 - 06/10/14

Find encouragement for parents in the process!

Parenting isn’t easy! This day-in-day-out job can leave even the strongest mom or dad weary. Let’s compare and contrast God the Father and Jesus with an earthly father and son, and provide encouragement for parents.

Part 3 - 06/11/14

Jesus’ interaction with a sick child and a worried dad struggling to have faith

When our son or daughter is sick all we want to do is take away their pain. We try to soothe the sickness away. But sometimes the illness is so severe, we’re rendered helpless.

Part 4 - 06/12/14

Where do we turn when life gets out of hand?

It’s a dad’s job to fix what’s broken. But what can a father do when he’s powerless to heal his own family? Let’s look at a conversation between Jesus and a desperate dad with an overwhelming need.

Part 5 - 06/13/14

Discover Jesus’ response to a suffering father and son

When trials overwhelm us and we reach the end of our rope, the question we often ask is, “Lord, don’t You care?” Let’s study Jesus’ response to that important question. We find His answer in Mark chapter 9. Hear the conclusion of our series.

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